10 Great Ideas to Stay on Budget for Kitchen Remodel

May 3, 2017

Kitchen remodel can be an exciting endeavor! You get to scan through magazines and piece together just the right style to suit your tastes and needs. Save yourself the headache–before you commit to a plan, look over these important tips to be sure your remodel stays within your budget!

1. Think about how you will use your kitchen.

What do you want most out of your kitchen? A space to entertain? Pro-caliber equipment for crafting incredible meals? A “dream” kitchen is nice, but there isn’t much sense in planning a budget if it includes elements you’ll never use or don’t really need. You especially want to be mindful of your real needs when picking your appliances. It’s great to have fun and try a novel new piece, but look before you leap to be certain it’s something you’ll actually have a use for.

2. Make selections early and stick to them.

A little research and decision-making now will help you avoid purchase mistakes, re-installation, and costly delays. Whenever possible, visit showrooms, not just websites, before making a purchasing decision to be absolutely certain of your choices. Opting to make a last minute change can mean starting the entire materials ordering process again, which means massive delays.

3. Decide your kitchen’s focal point in the design stage.

For example, if an eye-catching natural stone countertop will really pull together the kitchen’s style and design, it’s okay to splurge on a showpiece and save on accent pieces.

4. Consider choosing “lookalikes” in kitchen remodel.

If that gorgeous granite countertop or those rustic hardwood floors in the budget right now, don’t despair! If the kitchen is in a home in which you plan to live long-term, go with laminate countertops or flooring! You’ll save wads of money, and you can always upgrade in the future.

5. Think about the longevity of your appliances and fixtures.

While your fridge or dishwasher will typically last a decade or less, you can expect your range to live a long, happy life. Invest in a range you love and try to cut back a little on appliances with a shorter lifespan.

6. When it comes to cabinets, save on materials.

Solid wood may be a bit more durable, but not enough to negate the value of veneered panels. Even customized drawer inserts can be found in stores for much less than a custom build. Achieve the look you want with inexpensive materials so you leave more in your budget where you won’t want to skimp: installation!

7. Make small, budget-friendly refreshes where you can.

Hardware for drawers and doors can be found in home stores for as little as $1 per piece. This is a great option to refresh a look or keep a style unified without overspending.

8. Get creative with tile.

Opt for porcelain tiles for flooring–it’s chip and crack-resistant and easier on the budget than natural stone. Save time and money with larger tiles and keep in mind that smaller mosaics and accent pieces will require more work to install. Space them out creatively in the design of your backsplash to keep it in the budget.

9. Know when it’s okay to DIY.

When you want your kitchen remodel done right, you know to go to the pros. There are a select few projects, however, suitable for many DIY-ers that only require basic tools and materials, or come ready to assemble. Flat-pack cabinets from a trusted manufacturer can save you some cash while still ensuring a quality product. A kitchen island can be done yourself and customized to your heart’s content if you closely follow professionally-designed building plans. Beyond that, it’s best to trust your contractor!

10. Avoid making structural alterations to the space.

Switching up the floor plan here and there should fit comfortably in your budget. Tearing down or altering walls or relocating plumbing, however, should be avoided whenever possible to avoid adding thousands to your budget.

Kitchen remodel is a big investment, but if you use some of these tips and make sound, sensible decisions, you can still see big results with a small budget!

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