10 Tips for Remodeling a Galley Kitchen

May 5, 2017

Galley kitchens, named for their resemblance to the narrow kitchens aboard ships, get a bad rap, but there are a lot of advantages to the simple design. Galley kitchens feature two parallel countertops with a single “lane” of walking space in between. Many chefs prefer galley kitchens, as they can have a very tight, efficient “kitchen triangle,” meaning the space between food storage, the sink, and the range is uninterrupted and convenient. While galley kitchens can be fully functional, stylish, and easy to use, their limited space means you need to be sensible and thoughtful about the layout. Here are some simple tips to maximize a galley kitchen design.

Know Your Kitchen

You can find a lot of inspiring, gorgeous pictures of well-designed, stylish galley kitchens in design magazines or on Pinterest, but not every layout will work in your space. Start with your kitchen, and build on that when you are planning a remodel or new design, rather than try to imitate a different space.

Use Symmetry

Since galley kitchens are typically made up of two parallel counters on either side of the cook, symmetrical designs usually work quite well. In a symmetrial design, each side corresponds symmetrically with the other, and features like sink and range are centered. You can also use asymmetry just as well, by off-setting features like the stove or sink. Asymmetry can allow for uninterrupted counter space on one side or the other.

Cabinet placement

One way to increase the function and ease of use of your galley kitchen is to place all the cabinets on one wall. Putting all your tall cabinets on a single wall can make organization and access simple and easy, especially since you’ll be moving in a tighter space. If these cabinets are on the same side as the sink is, putting dishes away will be simple and quick.

Use Your Walls

Some galley kitchens are corridors, while others have a wall on one end that closes off the kitchen. If this is the case in your kitchen, make the most of this wall by using it as a striking decorative feature such as an accent wall or a place to hang artwork, or add shelving or hooks to maximize storage and show off your cookware.

Create an Island

If possible, turning one end of your galley kitchen into an island rather than a wall can open up your kitchen for entertaining, as well as letting in more natural light. It can even increase counter space or maybe create an additional dining area by adding bar stools on the other end.

Smart Lighting

Wherever you can, add as much natural light as possible to your kitchen. The more light you have, the more you can achieve the sense of spaciousness. Opting for more storage space below the counters than above can help, especially if you can add windows on one wall. If the natural light in your galley kitchen is limited, make sure to add lighting of your own that is bright and inviting, and use brighter colors and simple, clean design to create the impression of space and cleanliness.

Galley kitchens don’t have to be limiting, in fact, there’s a broad range of possibilities for ways to make the most of yours. If you have more ideas and want to share with us, contact us today!

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