12 Kitchen Hacks You Must Try

January 25, 2017

1. Clean your microwave in ten minutes

With a microwave-safe bowl, vinegar, and very minimal scrubbing, you can easily get a sparkling microwave in just a few minutes, most of which you’ll spend watching the clock as the heat magically diffuses the vinegar onto your stains and grime. Full instructions found at practicallyfunctional.com.

2. Use baking soda and salt as dishwasher detergent

If you ever notice you’re out of dishwasher detergent right after you fill up a huge load, this hack is perfect for you. Using salt, baking soda, and regular dish soap, you can easily rig up your own dishwasher detergent to use in a pinch. Full instructions at HuffingtonPost.com.

3. Slow bananas from ripening

This handy tip from TheWhoot.com will keep your bananas from during brown too quickly. If they remain attached in their bunch, they’ll ripen slower, so wrapping in Saran wrap will keep them nice and fresh!

4. Unclog sinks with

Instead of using toxic Drain-o, you can use two of the simplest, cheapest, safest, and most effective DIY solutions out there: salt and vinegar. Check out the full instructions at BuzzFeed.com.

5. Freeze fresh herbs in oil

If you have some extra fresh herbs you’d like to preserve, freezing them in oil in ice cube trays is a great way to add a quick and easy bit of seasoning to any dish. A great suggestion from Lydioutloud.com

6. Chill wine with frozen grapes

A great hack for entertaining, you can simply freeze grapes whole and use them to keep white wine chilled. The best part: it won’t water the wine down! Very clever idea from FrugalCouponLiving.com.

7. Store plastic shopping bags in a recycled Lysol container

Everyone hates the bulky mess caused by saving plastic grocery bags, so this simple hack is ingenious! Save your old Lysol or even baby wipe containers to make a cheap and convenient plastic bag dispenser. Brilliant! Found on GluesticksAndGumdrops.com.

8. Splatter-free mixing with a paper plate

Protect yourself from batter splatter with a paper plate! This disposable option will keep your clothes and counters clean while you blend your batter up. Find this and many other great baking hacks at BHG.com.

9. Using Paper Towels to Keep Greens Fresh

Putting a paper towel or a linen napkin in with a container of greens will absorb moisture and keep them fresh twice as long! Very useful hack from Ninamanolson.com.

10. Drop an egg in a bowl of water to test freshness

A simple and classic way to test if an egg is fresh is to drop them in a bowl of water. You can see from this diagram what the results will tell you about the egg, or read a more lengthy description at foodreferece.about.com.

11. Use binder clips to organize freezer bags

Keep frozen fruits and veggies neatly organized and accessible using binder clips! Too clever. Check out this and other organization hacks from Shareably.net.

12. Make dingy cookie sheets as good as new

We all have cookie sheets that look like they’ve survived WWII. But did you know you can clean those stubborn cooked-in stains on using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda? Amazing! Check out full instructions here at OneGoodThingByJiliee.com.

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