12 Unique Kitchen Styles-Find Your Dream Kitchen

February 23, 2017

Have you ever flipped through a magazine and found a photo of a kitchen whose style just jumps off the page at you? Kitchens can be designed and decorated in many different themes and styles; there’s something unique and special for everyone. Check out this list of some of our favorites to find a style that inspires you.


Leanne Ford Interiors

Farmhouse kitchens

(Image: ArchitecturalDigest)

Relaxed, folksy kitchens bring to mind a simpler life while offering high functionality and flow. With open shelving, spacious sinks, classic floors and large, functional kitchen tables, they’re a timeless favorite.

Inspiration I Vitt

Rustic kitchens

(Image: freshhome.com)

It takes a certain taste to appreciate the rough, homespun character of the rustic kitchen. Commonly featuring timber, stone, or brick, vintage appliances, and fireplaces give something of a bohemian feel that is becoming quite popular.

John Maniscalco Architecture

Modern kitchens

(Image: LifeDesignHome)

How each person defines “modern” may vary significantly. In kitchen design, the word brings to mind frameless cabinets, toned-down and understated hardware, bold horizontal lines minimal ornamental distractions, if any. The right combination of these gives a sleek, upscale look.

Driggs Designs

Traditional kitchens

(Image: LifeDesignHome)

Details and accents are what make a traditional kitchen. These include elements such as arches, decorative moldings, and corbels, raised-panel cabinets, a mix of antique finishes and furniture-like turned legs, or even a chandelier! This style can be personalized to suit your personal aesthetic.

Clayton and Little

Contemporary kitchens

(image: houzz.com)

Contemporary kitchens are comparable to the sleek modern style, but they differ in their more lively, whimsical approach. Contemporary kitchens can be a melting pot of favorite elements from any kitchen style while maintaining a bright, casual feel.

Andrya Cooper Interiors

Transitional kitchens

(Image: LifeDesignHome)

Transitional kitchens strike a perfect balance between a cozy, welcoming traditional design and the neat, simple lines of contemporary style. Their great flexibility makes them the perfect choice for the homeowner who wants the best of both worlds.

My Domaine

Craftsman kitchens

(Image: LifeDesignHome)

Craftsman style was the 20th century’s answer to the cold, homogenized Victorian era. This charming, masterfully composed style incorporates luxe woods, built-in elements, and handcrafted tiles.

Coastal Living

Cottage kitchens

(Image: HGTV)

Quaint, cheerful, and simple, the cottage kitchen is the most unpretentious style of the bunch. Elements such as beadboard, soft colors, vintage hardware, wood floors and colorful accents bring to life the cozy cottage look.

West Elm

Paris bistro kitchens

(Image: houzz.com)

If you long for a stroll down Champs-Élysées or just the perfect Café au lait, the Parisian bistro style brings romance with a touch of hip, urban style. Intimate lighting, gourmet cookware prominently on display, tile floors and a striped awning do the trick.

Liz Schupanitz Designs

Classic kitchens

(Image: LifeDesignHome)

White or cream kitchen cabinets, simple architectural details, and black accents are fixtures of the quintessential kitchen. This style gives something of a blank slate that can be toned down or livened up with contemporary, traditional, or eclectic elements.

Home Edit

Mediterranean-style kitchens

(Image: Decoist)

The south of Europe is a culinary paradise, so this style’s off-the-charts popularity is no surprise. Use flared hoods, hand-painted tile, warm wood cabinets, beamed ceilings and arched cooking alcoves for your Spanish revival kitchen.

Brent Darby

Eclectic kitchens

(Image: houzz.com)

Do you find yourself uninterested in any one of these or other cohesive styles, or instead drawn to several different traits of each? Be unique; mix and match to suit your personal style and taste! Freedom to blend modern and rustic elements, globally-inspired flair, whimsy, and fun will allow you to design the kitchen that most genuinely reflects your personality.

What is your kitchen style? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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