20 Small Bedroom Ideas

February 7, 2017

Small spaces can be some of the hardest to decorate. Clutter and chaos build up quickly. So when you have a small bedroom, it is essential to maximize space and furnish in a way that creates the illusion of spaciousness while creating a functional living and sleeping space. These twenty brilliant decorating ideas will make even the smallest bedroom look calm and spacious.

1. Go Vertical

Always take advantage of vertical space, as these stylish and roomy shelves did. They’re painted white, giving the illusion of space, while keeping clutter up, out of the way, and organized!

Source: thdebrief.co.uk

2. Maximize the space your bed takes up

This stylish and very functional bed has drawers underneath for bedding and other storage. Under-bed storage is a great way to free up space in a small bedroom.

3. Keep bedroom essentials to a minimum

This calm, clean space is small, and yet because it looks like whoever sleeps here has mastered the Konmari method, the size seems just right. Minimize clutter and decor for a clean, restful area.

Source: hative.com

4. Contrast light and dark

Contrasting light and dark walls and décor give the illusion of space, while creating a classic and clean look in any bedroom.

Source: lindsaycharlotte.tumblr.com

5. Horizontal stripes

It is usually recommended to avoid horizontal stripes on clothing if you’re trying to look slimmer, so naturally, if you’re trying to make a bedroom look bigger, horizontal stripes work great! These wide, gray-and-white horizontal stripes on the wall create the illusion of space while looking very chic as well.

Source: lifeonvirginastreet.com

6. Accent color on the ceiling

This bold accent color on the ceiling that contrasts the neutral walls draws the eyes upwards and distract from the size of the room.

Source: prettypracticalhome.com

7. Patterned ceiling

This relies on the same method as #6, but uses colorful, fun patterns on wall paper to draw the eyes upward. The eye is naturally attracted to the pretty print, the rest of the room looks spacious and clean.

Source: honeyandfitz.com

8. Full length curtains

These floor-to-ceiling white curtains make the room seem both luxurious and spacious.

Source: blogloving.com/blogs/emilyhenderson

9. Create a focal point

This incredibly chic and simple room features a bold, plain white accent above patterned pillows that draw the whole room together. You can create a focal point like this with a custom headboard, accent wall, or center a piece of art in the space that will draw one’s focus.

10. Use wall curtains to create depth

These luxe curtains not only make the room look incredibly high-class as well as cozy, but they also create the illusion of depth, both in the length and height of the wall. This also counts as a focal point as discussed in #9!

Source: craftysisters.nc.blogspot.sg

11. Built-in storage

With storage that’s part of the overall look of the room, you both maximize space and reduce visible clutter without needing to add too much furniture.

Source: addicted2decorating.com

12. Take advantage of windowsills

Windowsills are wonderful for improvised shelving, a window seat, or even a small desk area!

Source: blog.bloglovin.com

13. Use mirrors

Mirrors are a super classic, excellent way to make a room look bigger and create more light and the sense of openness.

Source: blog.bloglovin.com

14. Mirrors on closet doors

A particularly smart way to use mirrors in a small bedroom is to put them on cabinet or closet doors, effectively concealing your storage while creating the illusion of more space.

Source: houzz.com

15. Vertical lighting

Using pendant lights rather than lamps on bedside tables creates more space and a stylish design feature that distracts from the size of the room.

Source: spookyhome.tumblr.com

16. Over-the-bed shelves

Shelving around the headboard area of your bed gives lots of extra storage space while creating a cozy little nook for your bed.

Source: forbes.com/sites/houzz

17. Headboard storage

Even better, using shelves as a headboard!

Source: houzz.com

18. Use windows

The ingenious placement of this bed tucked right by the windows creates the sensation of an open, clutter-free space in a small loft.

Source: houzz.com

19. Use a loft bed

Loft beds aren’t just for kids! This stylish, grown up loft bed opens up enough space for a small office underneath.

Source: planete-deco.fr

20. Accent wall

Finally, the classic accent wall will create the sensation of space in any bedroom. This one uses gorgeous wallpaper to draw attention to the featured wall.

Source: houzz.com

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