20 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

March 17, 2017

Small kitchens post a particularly large challenge: how do you store everything you need efficiently, and make the most out of the space so you can still use the kitchen without chaos and clutter ? A chic, well-designed kitchen doesn’t have to be spacious though. We’ve got 20 inspiring small kitchen ideas to help you make the most of your limited space.

Parisian Dream

Parisian apartments are famous for being small, and also painfully stylish, and this cute, quaint Parisian kitchen featured on TheKitchn.com is a great example. The vertical storage space is a great use of the high ceilings, the cream colors give a sense of spaciousness, and the gorgeous blue vintage refrigerator adds a splash of color and whimsy to the whole space.

Tiny House Win

You wouldn’t believe this gorgeous, modern-with-a-touch-of-rustic-charm shotgun kitchen is actually part of a 196 sq ft house, would you? Part of an incredibly impressive “micro house” featured on TinyHouseTalk.com, the limited space of this kitchen poses no restrictions to it’s function. The long, clutter-free counters provide plenty of space for food prep and the shelves, lighting, pot and pan hangers, and knife rack are all perfectly placed. This is a stunning example of how to maximize space.

Sleek and Simple

This ultra-modern, sleek kitchen design makes the most of a small space with plenty of vertical storage and a very simple and elegant half-table with stools. The bright splashes of color on the steely gray add a lot of dimension to the kitchen, and the final look comes together seamlessly. From Villingstore.net.

White and Light

The all-white theme of this gorgeous kitchen really creates an impression of space and openness. You hardly notice how limited the space is, and the whole feel of the place is light and inviting. Simple touches of wooden countertops and chairs, farm-house style kettles, and charming potted plants add little touches of homeness to this simple design, and the curved shelves below the counter are visually appealing and functional.

Give Us Some Copper

This incredibly basic apartment kitchen gives the impression of the utmost style and class with the display of the gorgeous copper cookware on the wall, accented by artwork, rustic-looking bottles, and potted plants. You could dress up nearly any kitchen with this approach to simple, classy style, without breaking the bank! From ADetailedHouse.com.

A Great Angle

While this sloped wall could make the space feel crowded, with white walls and cabinets, smart touches of style, and a simple design, it instead adds character and whimsy to this stylish Sweedish apartment. A small table and clutter-free counters provide coziness as well as functional space. From DecorDemon.com.

French Farmhouse

The French farmhouse style is always en vogue, and this tiny kitchen is a classic example. Space is maximized with open shelves and a classic, vintage island, and little touches of charm are all over the place. Most of all, the beautiful lighting not only completes the country look, but adds dimension and warmth to the small space. From ShabbyFrenchCottage.com.

Let Some Light In

This narrow apartment kitchen in Stockholm from SFGirl.com is simple, classy, and bright, thanks to a sleek, minimalist design and the large window that offers plenty of light and a sense of spaciousness. The white and black color scheme accented by rustic wood and potted plants ties the minimalist-chic look together.

Splashes of Color

With neutral colors and a simpler design, this kitchen would already be dazzling with it’s classic, farmhouse style and crimson vintage range, but the bright, colorful dishware in it’s clever and funcitonal display adds a great splash of playfullness and dimension. This cozy, bright, classic kitchen was found at HGTV.com.

Less is More

Minimalism is always a great approach to small apartment kitchens like this one, and every simple detail is just perfect. From the bold striped carpet, to the simple storage solutions, to the beautiful cookware and utensils on display, this tiny kitchen from TheEveryGirl.com is cozy, simple, and functional.

Boxed In

A perfectly tiny, perfectly stylish kitchen is given a “boxed in” look that adds a great sense of modern appeal as well as functional design. If you look carefully you’ll notice all the elements of a great kitchen are there; counter space, easy-to-access shelving, even a nice little range tucked in the corner. Even the cookbooks have a place on their own little shelf. This is a very clever use of a very small space from Buzzfeed.com.

Ultra Luxe

This kitchen is so luxourous and stunning you hardly notice the size. From the amazing marble countertops and backsplash to the hammered metal wall cabinets, to the dramatic vases and candlesticks on the counter, luxury, simplicty, and a small kitchen fuse together perfectly in this design from InteriorDesignGiants.com.

Up, Up, Up

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen vertical kitchen storage maximized so efficiently. Despite the very small floorplan of this industrial-style kitchen, every inch seems to be serving a purpose. There’s really quite a bit of cookware packed into this tiny space; every gormand’s dream kitchen, also from InteriorDesignGiants.com.

Brick by Brick

You can never go wrong with exposed brick, and this small kitchen displays it beautifully. The contrastic white walls and cabinets, along with beautiful wooden countertops, fuse modern and classic design beuatifully, and minimalist décor and storage make the most of this small kitchen from TheOverQualifiedApplicant.com.

Air of Aztec

This beautiful Mexico City kitchen adds dimension and superb beauty with rich, colorful Aztec-style tiles to the floor and counter backsplash. Accented with blue counters and an island, and built on with vertical décor, this rustic, vintage look makes the most of a cozy, small kitchen. From HomeBNC.com.

Let It Shine

The soft, warm blue walls coupled with shiny steel cabinets and appliances make this small kitchen simply glow. It is cozy, inviting, and makes the most of every bit of space without appearing cluttered or crowded. The tile floor and bright windows pull the whole space together and create a sense of spaciousness and calm. From TheThingAboutChaos.co.uk.

Writing on the Wall

This stylish modern kitchen is accented with bright, yellow cabinets, sleek, linear design, and bold writing on the wallpaper. This adds a sense of depth to an otherwise small space. From Karmatrendz.wordpress.com.

Country Living

It’s hard to find a better example of country style than this adorable kitchen, and despite the small space, every detail is tended to. Vintage range, classic country style cabinets, and perfectly selected cookware and décor pull the whole look together! Staying this true to a décor theme is a great way to make the most of a small space. From DesdeMyVentana.es.


This narrow kitchen is made the most of with plenty of cabinet space and a sleek, elegant design theme. From the beautiful walls, classic deign features, and gorgeous tile floor, luxury and function well make up for a lack of space. From Dweef.com.

Bold and Beautiful

Although this whole kitchen is full of sleek and elegant modern design elements, the bold blue backsplash draws your eye immediately and adds dimension and depth to an otherwise minimal space. From Mlatz.com.

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