2017 Latest Trends in Small Style Interior Design

March 14, 2017

Be it a small suburban home, or a comely apartment, we live in an era where an abundance in space constraints has defined our very lifestyle. While 2016 was the year of granny florals and neo-classical interior design themes, 2017 is all about starting fresh and bringing brand new, unconventional styles to our interiors. Small style is the conventional interior definition of any regular home; it consists of the basic living room come kitchen and dining combo along with one or two bedrooms. By definition, small style interior design requires a finesse that interior designers have mastered through the decade. However, each year this style is tweaked enough to fit in a different and innovative aesthetic. Further, we’ll look at some of the hottest trends in small style interiors for 2017.

1. Color of the year

When Pantone declared green the color of the year 2017, it started a sort of phenomena. While green has always been a very refreshing color to use in interiors, this place holding has made it a trend. Within the context of a small style interior, green has been relegated to an almost periphery scheme. It is largely used in furniture upholstery and accentuation or even accessorizing. This is mostly because small style interiors are, well, small! So using such a hard color in that kind of a space is uncanny and unnatural.

2. Smart furniture

The innovation in smart furniture is always an ongoing trend. Because small style interior design is such a universal theme, the advent in relative smart furniture is a near perpetual thing. We now have several smart sofa designs that could be converted into bunk beds, along with smart coffee tables that hide brilliant storage compartments. Most of this furniture is easily available and simple to assemble. 2017 has seen a rising trend in compact bedroom planning for small style rooms. These include a twin sized bed artistically merged with a study desk, wardrobe and more.

3. Parametric design

Parametric design is all about creating dynamic visuals within an otherwise plain setting. These designs are complicated to manufacture, but can certainly enhance the creative angle and visuals of any room. Parametric furniture consists of mostly outdoor benches, which cannot be condensed into the limits of a small style interior. However, recent trends in 2017 have seen an influx in parametric walls in even small interiors. These walls, in a small style interior can provide a break from conventional, typical wall paneling’s and shelves, and instead provides something unorthodox and offbeat while keeping it real.

4. An abundance in textures

While 2016 saw a huge surge in smooth laminate and chrome applications, 2017 is all about bringing back the textures. Small style interior designs usually stay far away from too many textured surfaces. That is partially because a huge amount of texture application in a small space can seem a bit claustrophobic. However, latest trends in small style interiors have applied texture in contained formations such as furniture upholstery, and wall textures in hues of white. This creates a visual dichotomy between similar spaces and adds a rustic, contemporary ambiance to boot.

5. Murano glass ornaments

Murano glass is an advent of Venetian style interiors. These glass ornaments vary in colors, shapes and sizes and provides a decidedly colorful addition within any interior. In a small style interior, these baubles and ornaments and provide a coveted contrast to a bland color scheme, or even provide an atypical accessorizing theme within the context of your interior. While these ornaments have been long absent from the interior design market, 2017 has seen a marked return in the Murano glass accessorizing scheme.

6. Green walls – Hydroponics

‘Green’ seems to be the literal recurring theme of the year 2017. Green technology is not a one way street. There are so many physical implementations of this genre. However, in interior designing, a ‘green’ interior might mean and addition of leafy greens within your home. While using plants as accessories didn’t used to be very feasible in the past, recent advents in technology has led to the formation of hydroponics. A hydroponic wall can be such a great addition within a regular small style interiors.

These days, the interior design market has been ripe with designs that have successfully implemented a small green wall a la hydroponics within the interior design. These green walls can add a refreshing aura to your home, while being the literal personification of the Pantone color of the year!


Interior design is a constantly static genre, and what trends in the first half of the year may not make it to the second half at all. However, these styles and techniques within the backdrop of a small style interior can seem rather timeless.

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