3 Signs That You’re Ready For a New Kitchen

June 12, 2017

The kitchen is the hub of all home activity. You spend more time in the kitchen than any other part of your home. You don’t have to be a chef, but it is almost involuntary that you are going through the kitchen. Back doors now open into the new kitchen. Main entrances route people through the kitchen as not to waylay guests.

Due to heavy traffic, your kitchen will need upgrading. The functional and structural aspects need routine inspection. People overlook regular maintenance.

Let’s look at three pivotal points homeowners need to check. These items may call for an all-out renovation, a small remodel or some small updates.

• Not Enough Space

“Not enough space” means all kinds of space. Kitchen efficiency means being organized. Today’s kitchen designs focus on smaller homes. Due to a lack of space, cabinets get overloaded. . Because of this, shelf-supports break and collapse.

Another issue, tight space. Ease of movement is vital for kitchen efficiency. Tight spaces make cooking difficult. More than two people in the kitchen? They feel constrained.

Notice these problems. Assess what is wrong. Make a plan of action. Take care of these technical glitches. If not, your kitchen experience suffers.

• Faulty Finishes

Kitchens are the epitome of function. Aesthetics matter. When you find a splintered drywall, peeling finishes or the laminate is flaking; it’s time to pull out the big guns.

Kitchen finishes have a certain lifespan. At some point, they will start to crumble. The backsplash will come out and the grouting will start to become more visible. When these things happen, go for upgrades or even a brand new remodel.

• Terrible Lighting

People overlook the importance of light in their designs. While generally considered a vanity element, you need to be able to see. If the lighting is terrible, you need to change it.

Toe-kicks, floating shelves and under-cabinet lights are also a good investment, but an overall new lighting design would definitely help you get the best of your existing kitchen space.


Now that you know what to look out for in a deteriorating or old-fashioned kitchen design. Decide whether to go for a full-scale remodel, a partial renovation or some small updates depending on your problems.

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