4 Kitchen Storage Hacks

March 3, 2017

In today’s modern kitchens it’s not enough to just have handsome cabinets. Eye candy just won’t cut it in the kitchen. Today’s homeowners want great-looking cabinets that are also fully functional and feature abundant kitchen cabinet storage options.
The kitchen has become the social hub of the home. It’s the place where everyone gathers, whether doing homework, preparing the meal or just hanging out. As such, kitchen cabinet storage has never been more important. As your online source for cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom, we at LifeDesign Home know all about making the most of your cabinet space. With our free kitchen design services, we’ve got the storage tips and ideas you need for your kitchen cabinets.

Go Tall With Your Upper Cabinets

If you’re putting in new cabinets, don’t make the mistake of leaving open space on top of your upper cabinets. That is wasted storage space. Instead choose the tallest option possible when selecting upper cabinets. That means more cabinet storage for you.

Add a Kitchen Island

If you’re remodeling or redesigning a kitchen, you’ll want to consider putting an island in your kitchen. This can provide extra storage space, as well as extra counter space and additional seating, maybe even an extra sink, too. If you have the space, a kitchen island is a must.

Consider Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

If you have a smaller kitchen you may want to consider adding a section of floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Yes, imagine a whole wall of cabinets. That’s enough to make us giddy. How about you? Even if it’s not very wide, a section of cabinets like that can still provide some great storage.

Maximize Cabinet Accessories

To make the most of your kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to use cabinet accessories. Consider pull-out shelving, a built-in wine rack, stem wine glass holders and vertical spice racks. You’ll love how these can give your kitchen a customized look and help with storage, too. What do you think about these cabinet storage tips? Do you have others to share? Comment below or reach out to us on any or our social channels. And if you’re in the market for new kitchen cabinets, check out our Shop Cabinets tab or use our Contact Form.

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