5 Important Interior Decorating Secrets No One Ever Told You About

March 10, 2017

Interior designing is precarious endeavor. There is a lot of thought and process that goes behind every carefully crafted interior. Designing successful interiors is no small feat, especially for people who do not have a trained eye for detail. Professional interior designers are astute to the ambient needs of the space, but they also have a lot of practice throughout all the years of their education. When you try to take on interior designing without any particular background in art and design, it is always good to know a few tips in order to get to know the very basics.
If you’re a beginner, then the best advice would be to start with a small space. This way, if things go south, there would be no actual harm; and if you like what you’ve done, then by all means go big. But before you actually start, let us, LifeDesign Home, share 5 important secrets that no one ever told you about interior design.

1. Start with the basics

First and always the foremost; you have to plan any and all designs by keeping the basics in mind. There are five basic components of any design; balance, harmony, rhythm, symmetry and proportion. Before you start the design create a rough draft or sketch of what you want. No one will ever tell you this, but if the centerpiece is even a single inch off then the entire aesthetic of the room will likely be crooked. Or if its proportion does not match with the room, then you’ll have a jack-and-the-beanstalk phenomenon on your hand – the visual disharmony between too big and too small.

2. Think in three dimensions

Now before you start cataloging an insane amount of ideas, just sit back, take a deep breath and observe. Knowing each nook and cranny of the space you’re about to design is an absolute must. No one will ever outright tell you this, but it goes without saying that creating a harmony between all three dimensions of the space is very important. These three dimensions include; the walls, the ceiling and the floor.

Many beginners tend to focus on just one of these aspects – say for example, walls. What they do not realize is that even the most beautifully designed walls will fall flat if the ceiling and floor do not complement its style. Don’t get carried away while designing just the walls, or just the ceiling and ignore the floor. It is important that all parts of your design be complementary in order to create a truly holistic interior design.

3. Lighting – the fourth dimension

While not essentially true, the play on space could definitely be tricky enough to declare lighting the ‘fourth dimension.’ One of the best kept secrets of interior designing is the impact of lighting on a space. There are so many genres of lighting and even more brilliant luminaries out there. Having the perfect light fixture with the perfect light source over the perfect spot in your room is the best way to enhance the visual quality of your interior design. It requires a lot of thought, research and even experimentation to get that elusively perfect light.

4. A little cheat sheet from the pros

You could say that interior design is the sum of many, small wholes. It includes a careful amalgamation of so many tiny parts that it is hard to explain them comprehensively in one go. Instead, we’ll share a small cheat sheet directly from the pros.

– Color palate

The thing about concocting the perfect color palate is that it requires a careful contrasting. Study the color wheel carefully and select the hues that are dynamic and balance out each other’s visual weight. In addition to that, also be careful about choosing the right colors for the right moods. You cannot go and choose a funky yellow color scheme for a bedroom designed for relaxing.

– Imbue tallness

Most contemporary homes and apartments have a low ceiling height, so it’s best to tackle that problem by using modern, straight-laced and especially low height furniture. This would help balance out the visual discrepancies within the bounds of your interior space.

– Feature investment pieces

When you invest in accessorizing your interiors, make sure that the heaviest investment pieces end up becoming a feature of your interior space. This would not only provide you with your money’s worth in accessorizing, but also give you some nice visuals.

5. Go wild with style

It’s good to do a bit of research before you go about the actual designing. You should know that there are an infinite amount of interior design styles, and if asked, most designers would tell you to choose one and focus on that. While that may be a pragmatic decision for a beginner, know that it is not a hard-and-fast rule.

One of the best things about contemporary design is that it allows you to play with several design themes at once. So when you sit down and start making a mood board for ideas and you fall in love with a beautifully detailed fireplace mantle while designing the rest of the interior in a modern style, you can go ahead and pin it. Just be careful about going overboard and remember; too many cooks can spoil the broth.


Designing a good interior is all about the small details. It may seem like an easy endeavor to take on, but rest assured it is not. We hope this list opens up your mind about some of the very basic secrets about interior designing that no one will tell you otherwise. If you have some more ideas, leave your comments here and let us know!

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