5 Kitchen Design Options Buyers Want Now

May 10, 2017

Remodeling your interiors is akin to fashion; just like you have a few, fleeting trends on the catwalk each season, similarly you get to see some intriguing designs in the interior world every few months. How timeless they become, is a matter of execution and perspective. A kitchen remodel is one of those projects that could be redone in a few years again and again – but in the meantime, you want your space to be the epitome of fab and functional. Knowing that, you want the best kitchen design out of your buck – something that is creative as well as inspirational; something with that inherent ‘wow’ factor that would suit the contemporary lifestyle without getting in the way of the functionality of your kitchen.

Overall, a kitchen is a dichotomous space – it needs a good layout to cater to its function, but it also needs serviceable aesthetics so it can do justice to the rest of your home interior. Finding that design sweet-spot can be pretty hard, but once you log onto your Pinterest board and start collecting those ideas you will start to see a pattern. Each year brings a new crop of kitchen designs that are the paragons of the latest trends in the market. All you have to do is find the one that relates to your own space the best – within context of size, layout and lighting – to get the most of your space.

Aside from that, a beautifully done kitchen remodel can certainly add to the real estate value of your home. If a home buyer is impressed with the aesthetics and function, you’ll definitely get top dollar for your sale. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the major design options that would appeal to owners and buyers alike.

1. A stand-out contemporary look

The mainframe mindset believes that aesthetics matter – you simply cannot have an interior that is purely functional without dabbling a bit in the looks. So one of the first thing any homeowner/buyer looks for in a kitchen space is its overall outlook; the interior style, the cabinet designs, finishes and how all of these aspects fit together. For example, Tuxedo kitchens are a very hot trend these days – these kitchens show off a classic black and white aesthetic with a touch of contemporary.

The crux of this point is, that the kitchen needs to have a stand-out aspect – be it a modern accessory, quality stainless steel finishes or even touch-screen appliances. Something needs to click and attract the owner/buyer at first glance to make that final investment.

2. An open floor plan

Some would say that given the contemporary lifestyle, an open floor kitchen plan is a given. It’s really not – many homes still have a closed off kitchen design, so many are fairly attracted to the open-floor plan mindset. The key allure of the open-floor style is that it opens up the room and connects the individual kitchen space with the rest of your home. This provides a very holistic atmosphere – not only for your kitchen, but also for the rest of the home. Instead of looking like a singular entity, the kitchen becomes an inherent part of the interior; which is very attractive to the buyers these days.

3. Compact, innovative storage solutions

One of the major attractions for owners and buyers alike, smart storage solutions are getting more innovative by the day. We have our garden variety drawer compartments and then we have the smart slide-out pots and pans cabinets. These compact storage solutions not only utilize the space to the fullest – even in otherwise redundant corners; see: corner cabinet alcoves/nooks – but create an organized look about the space that buyers appreciate.

Another smart storage tactic is compact panties. Artfully designed in an elongated fashion, these pantries are a good alternative to the usual walk-in pantries. It efficiently distributes the space without making any aspect of storage obsolete – a total buyer attraction!

4. Backdoor extensions

Imagine this: eating breakfast on a small outdoor porch that is a pragmatic extension of your kitchen on a beautiful spring day. Or hosting a small BBQ party in your very own outdoor kitchen extension on one of those brilliant summer nights. Very appealing, right?

Well, this aspect is a literal buyers dream come true. The idea of this small-scale curb appeal is indeed timelessly fashionable and refreshing. It adds an understated bluster to the entire kitchen interior and gives off that contemporary café vibe. It’s definitely an alluring bonus for buyers all over.

5. Automation

When it comes to kitchens, it would be safe to say that automation is always a bonus quirk. The contemporary lifestyle is all about integrating ‘smar t’ technology in everyday life, so having a kitchen that showcases some uniquely automated choice appliances is the very best attraction for all buyers. These automations include faucet sensors for smart water use, light sensors for intelligent lighting control and automated smoke detectors that are connected to your smart phones.


As you can see, there is a varying degrees of appeal – from looks, to layouts and even appliances and fixtures – any one of which could end up attracting you’re a feasible buyer, so invest carefully.

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