5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Kitchen

May 31, 2017

So, tell me. Do you love your kitchen or hate it? If you said you weren’t sure or worse, if you said it didn’t matter then you and me need to talk. Your kitchen is in dire need of you and those little specks of personality to become the room in your home that really matters. So let’s get started and I’ll show you how to spice up your kitchen without spending the big bucks.

There are a million ways to get creative around the kitchen and add some much-needed flair.

But I’ll let you in on the top five ways to turn your plain Jane kitchen into a room that’s exciting, full of character and a conversation-starter.


Get Your Paintbrush Out

Even the smallest addition of color can create big impact if you think your kitchen’s dull and boring. Make your cabinets your canvas and paint them over in hues that have you splashed all over. You could do bold and solid shades like reds, dark blues or black; you could choose sunny pastels like peach, pink or yellow. Or, you could get creative and paint just portions of your cabinets. In fact, multi-color cabinets are all the rage now – so choose colors that complement each other and your personality. Then go to town with your paintbrush.

If painting over the entire cabinet isn’t calling out to you, then stenciling could be a happy median. Stenciling is at a resurgent moment in interior design and can produce an effect that is low on drama, yet high on impact. Trust me, those little floral elements and cute little patterns and borders are going to breathe new life into your cabinets. And, if DIY projects are your forte, consider making your own stencils with thick acetate sheets you can find online or at most hobby stores.


Transform, Repurpose and Upcycle


Painting and stenciling seem too run-of-the-mill? Decoupage techniques may be just what you need. Online tutorials can walk you through how wallpaper, or even paper towels, can be applied to your cabinet doors for an instantaneous makeover. Add that coat of varnish for longevity and you are done. Step back and take a bow!

But who says you need to stop with your cabinets? Simply paint some fruit crates and mount them in geometric patterns and you’ve created a nice little focal point that’s also practical kitchen storage. And, like I said, if you’re into DIY projects, there are so many on repurposing and upcycling old items sourced at home or locally.

Like this old wooden window, that’s been repurposed into rustic kitchen storage; or this old shuttered door that’s been revived with an asymmetric paint job and a few different type of hooks to serve as a kitchen organizer with quirk.

And while we’re on the topic of painting, why not add some zing to the biggest surface in your kitchen, a.k.a., your floor. Wooden flooring, like the one in this kitchen, can be painted to introduce character on an entirely new level. If you are planning to completely overhaul your kitchen and make it rustic, then definitely consider making your floor a chessboard of black and white checks.


Add Life to Design

Got a green thumb, have you? Then an indoor herb garden can be just what your kitchen needs to truly come alive. Figuring out how to integrate plants into your kitchen’s decor has never been easier. Your ideal planter can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from tin cans, PVC pipes, leftover coffee tins, mason jars, pint glasses, wooden pallets, clear drinking glasses, gutters, tea cups, washtubs, cut off wine bottles, and even wooden clothespins. Yay!

Plants and herb gardens are so versatile they look great in kitchens of any style. They can purify the air and breathe more charm into a vintage kitchen; soften the edge in a modern, utilitarian kitchen; or usher the very first element of personality into a builder’s grade kitchen. Whatever be the existing decor of your kitchen, you can get really creative with the kind of herbs you plant, the materials you use to make your garden and most importantly, the way you position them in your kitchen.

Finding the right space for your herbs can be tricky because not all kitchens come with a window and ledge; not all kitchens are flooded with natural light, and not all places are blessed with great weather throughout the year. But there’s no reason to fret. Angle your kitchen garden over the sink so that your herbs can soak up all the light (if there’s a window) and you can put the ‘short wall’ on the side of a cabinet to creative use.

If your kitchen is tiny and you cannot spare any ground for your herb garden, then the vertical garden is meant for you. Or, nail slatted room dividers or a pegboard to the wall, plant your herbs in shiny tin cups, mugs or small pots and simply hang them up. They can instantly turn your walls into a live canvas of greenery. Or, for a more over-the-top look (literally), you can install these upside down planters to add a new dimension to your kitchen. Find more inspiration for herb gardens in your kitchen here and here.


Your Kitchen Statement

If we are different from one another then why shouldn’t our kitchens be too? If we can make statements with our clothing, accessories, and makeup, why mustn’t kitchens follow too? Go ahead and express some swag in your kitchen by adding striking hardware, art, rugs and other accessories that build your unique kitchen statement.

These add-ons can be larger than life, like this wall that’s been converted into a giant blackboard using chalkboard paint; or some vintage lighting that spotlights strategically in these kitchens; or these sturdy patterned rugs that add some much-needed texture to the kitchen floor. Making a style statement with your backsplash tiles is totally cool and the tin ones here or these retro subway style tiles integrate themselves seamlessly into the kitchen decor. And don’t ignore your kitchen sink. Ever. A copper or stone sink with new faucets to match can become statement pieces by themselves.

What can be better at starting conversations than a piece of art? And what’s better than having art in the room you hang out the most with friends and family? Don’t forget that your kitchen can and should be styled just like any other room in your house. There’s no need to obsess over functionality alone in a kitchen. Canvas art can add a splash of color to an otherwise plain kitchen or it can extend the overall style of your home into the kitchen.

But if that sounds a bit impersonal and not-so-budget-friendly, then how about framing a few pictures of you and your family and making a photo wall? It’s a sure shot way to get your family and guests talking! But remember to choose a color scheme that will not distract from the overall look you’re aiming for your kitchen.


Style it Yourself

If there’s one thing that I love about being a millennial, it’s DIY. We don’t just know how to make it ourselves, but we have our pal, the Internet, to help make everyone else make it themselves too! Sound convoluted? No? I didn’t think so! Why wait, then? Look around your kitchen, home, and locality. Find what you can and make it into something that will blow everyone’s mind off. And hey, don’t forget to share the how-to. Okay?

By being a DIY person, you not just lend personality to your kitchen but do it without any big holes burning into your pocket. Like collecting all the glass jars, that once housed pizza sauce, nut butter or salad dressings and reusing them to store kitchen ingredients. Add your own touch by using chalkboard labels and some cute lettering to label what’s inside; you could quickly nail in a few open shelves and display your reused glass jars as well. Go here for more ideas.

Another inexpensive way to add personality is to buy vintage linens from garage sales and antique shops and switching them out every season. Your apron, tablecloth, and dish towels need not be just that, you know?

And if painting seems too tiresome or expensive at the moment, consider adding splashes of color by simply displaying your fruits and veggies better. Use cheap wire baskets to store them and place them at a spot that needs refreshing. Fresh flowers in a vase will work too.

Have a neat bookshelf and some amazing cookbooks? Bring them into the kitchen right away because bookshelves mimic the open cabinetry style that’s so in now. It would be the perfect open display for your China or rustic copper pots (at the top), your cookbooks (in the middle) and table linen and extra cutlery stored in wicker baskets (at the bottom).

The possibilities are clearly endless and you might need to convert another room into a kitchen to try them all out. Since that’s obviously not gonna happen (it’s not, right?) I suggest you try a few new updates every once in a while so that there’ll never be a time in your life when your kitchen looked dead.

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