7 kitchen remodel questions designers forget to ask

May 22, 2017

Thinking about your kitchen remodel?

If yes, then did you ask yourself the right questions? We believe not.
While many people look at superficial design details like the color of the cabinets or the finishes of the overall interior, they do not delve past that. What you need to know is that kitchen remodeling is a layered beast – it needs to be carefully planned out with itemized lists, panned out structural details, standardized bylaws and more to be truly able to carry out a successful remodel. You have to understand that kitchen remodel is not just a standardized ‘prettying up’ of your space – many big and small details have to be planned out accordingly in order to get the smartest, fastest and fruitful results.
So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the questions that you should be asking before venturing on a full-scale kitchen remodel.

1. Lookout for the building codes

Building codes are nifty little rules that have to be followed to a T in order to get your building sanctioned or approved. When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, these building codes are important. They dictate the bylaws of your area or neighborhood so if you’re considering an extension, then you definitely have to look into these rules and design accordingly.

Aside from that, these building codes can also dictate the kind of hood fan or exhaust or even ventilation system you should be going for. These rules are there for your safety, and if not followed, a surprise inspection might lead you into trouble; you might end up paying a penalty for something you didn’t even know you should have done – so consult accordingly.

2. Matching your accessories with function

If you’re one of those people who can find beauty in mismatched asymmetry then this point would definitely interest you. You see, kitchen cabinets are not designed to be static in style – which means that while the façade might be coherent in aesthetics the functionality dictates that the knobs or handles can variate in style.

So you might find one handle/knob that fits in with your cabinet style and function, or you might have to find mismatched but complementary handles/knobs for your cabinets that will accentuate the aesthetic and will also adhere to the functional aspect.

Another thing to consider in this particular aspect is lining up the little details. These include determining what direction your cabinet doors will swing open and just where exactly the hardware needs to be installed in order to seem visually pleasing. You could also go ‘knob-less’ with knob free touch-latch cabinets.

3. Profiling the countertop

This is a teeny tiny detail that everyone should pay mind to, but don’t. Profiling the countertop means deciding on the kind of nosing it should be done in. Nosing is the tiny 1” edge that protrudes from the edge where the countertop meets the cabinet top lip. It is a subtle detail that can impact the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

For example, if you use the ‘princess cut’ nosing for a contemporary kitchen interior then it will definitely be a mismatch. However, if you use the ‘eased edge’ counter profile for your contemporary kitchen interior, then it can make it seem elegant and refined.

Another good example of this phenomenon is when you choose to have two countertop finishes in the same kitchen. Then, given the style of choice, you can even alternate between ‘cove edged’ classical profiles or the ‘eased edge’ modern ones.

Some popular choices in countertop profiles include the ‘bullnose’ or the ‘demi-bullnose.’ These are rounded on the edges and give off a soft, sophisticated vibe. But know that you cannot used either of the ‘nosed’ profiles with laminated countertops because the seam at the round edge would give your material imperfection away.

4. Finishing of the fixtures

There is a lot more to deciding on the finishes than what looks pretty and what doesn’t. You have to consider the functional aspect of your kitchen – like staining, water spotting and scratching – before you go and decide on these.

Now, if you decide that you like metal finishes, then here’s some food for thought; try blending brushed metal surfaces with shiny ones. Imagine brushed brass and stainless steel surfaces in the same kitchen – one could work for aesthetics, while the other could be used in areas that need more functional sensitization.

However, if you want to consider in simply aesthetical terms, then try thinking in terms of sleek or dramatic. While chrome, stainless steel and even brass can lay for swanky, sophisticated kitchen accessorization, gold and brass work in completely opposite visual dynamics; bold and dramatic.

5. Mounting the kitchen sink

Sinks are a kitchen essential and most people never think past the concept of ‘double’ or ‘single.’ In this point, we’ll reflect on the pros and cons of top mount vs. under mount sinks. The trouble with top mount sinks is that they increase the threat of water staining on the countertop, while on the other hand under mount sinks are easier to keep the surrounding area clean.

But know that undercount sinks cannot be installed on a laminated countertop, as it would leave an unsavory raw edged gap in the material. We advise you to conduct a little research of your own on what materials would look best with what type of sink to get a better perspective on the remodel.

6. Investing in the right lighting

There are many different types of kitchen lighting – all layered together to give the best of aesthetics, ambiance and function. Doing a little bit of digging on the right kind of lighting for the right area is a must before you approve the ceiling plan. We suggest you understand the effect of any sort of lighting before finally investing in what you think best suitable for your remodel.

A good example to this point would be the concept of decorative lighting; you might envision the centerpiece chandelier over your island as the only light source, but it would certainly be an insufficient one. These only shower a small halo and the rest of your kitchen will be secluded in darkness.

7. Stone finishes

Matt or gloss, honed or not? These are the questions you should be asking before settling on the perfect stone finish for your kitchen remodel. Mainstream materials like granite and quartz come in polished finishes but a honed one can hide scratches while making the surface seem extremely alluring.

So while you’re out shopping for stone surfaces, do not forget to ask about samples and what kind of finishes your top choices are available in.


We hope this article helps you understand the intricacies of kitchen design and the road blocks that may eventually stand in your way.

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