9 Simple Kitchen Storage Tips and Tricks

August 25, 2017

The square footage in your kitchen is the most valuable space in the house. Getting the most out of it is important not just for resale value, but also to make your kitchen as easy to use for you as possible. Here are some great ideas to help you maximize the use of space in your kitchen the next time you’re thinking about a remodel.

Toe Kick Drawers –Toe kicks are, just as the name implies, a way to let your feet have clearance underneath kitchen cabinets without stubbing your toes. This is one area of the kitchen that few people think about and yet can easily provide quite a bit more storage space. Why not convert this under-utilized space into extra drawer space? It can be the ideal place to put flat baking pans, supplies such as appliance manuals, seldom used trays or platters, or other items that don’t have a great deal of height.

Tip Out Trays – Most kitchens have sections of cabinetry that are not cabinets at all but unused space. Why not take the area in front of your sink and turn it into a tip out tray to store things like scrubbers, dishwashing sponges, and other cleanup tools? It’s super easy to add them if your sink isn’t too deep.

Inside of Cupboard Doors – Depending on your cabinet design, the inside of the doors can also be utilized as additional storage for things such as measuring cups and spoons or serve as a household communication center to hold a corkboard. It can become the go-to place for menus, lists or notes between family members.

Pegboard – Made popular by French chef Julia Child in her own kitchen, pegboards provide a great way to organize kitchen tools. With just a bit of wall space, a bit of pegboard and some pegboard hooks, you can add it to your kitchen for under $40 and start using those little hanging nubs on the ends of your utensils.

Vertical Storage – Vertical storage between the sides of stoves or refrigerators can be used to hold flat baking sheets, pans, or muffin tins. Cooking is easier and far more enjoyable when you have the pans that you need nearby instead of rummaging through a bunch of other kitchen gear. If you add vertical storage racks, you can turn this space into something suitable for plates, serving bowls and platters.

Make Use of Magnetic Surfaces – Appliances such as refrigerators and range hoods can be used to hold magnetic containers of spices. These are easily found at most kitchen supply stores and online. If you are handy, you might even try making them yourself. Having spices handy without needing to hunt for them in a cabinet or drawer means you are more likely to use them. Your taste buds will appreciate it!

Pull-Out or Rolling Shelves – Reaching into a deep kitchen cabinet to find something you need doesn’t have to be a major ordeal. roll-out shelves can be built into your kitchen cabinet configuration to help you make use of every square inch of storage space effectively in your base cabinets. Nearly every cook has known the frustration of having to hunt for lids to pots and pans or storage containers. Why not have a kitchen cabinet fitted with roll-out shelves with a lip so lids have their own space?

Under The Stove Storage – Flat cooking surfaces are quickly becoming more popular with many homeowners. Getting rid of a traditional stove and oven combination range in favor of flat surfaces with gas, electric or even induction cooking surfaces can free up space under the stove. Put a shelf in there to store the items you use most often with your stove.

Up to the Ceiling – If you have the space, consider using your ceiling as a place to hang pots and pans. You can utilize either a pot rack made for just that, or build one yourself out of wood or even a pipe and some chain suspended from the ceiling. Use S-hooks to hang individual pots from the racks. If you are fortunate enough to have a beamed ceiling in your kitchen, hooks or even nails attached to the beams can also add a place to store your cookware, colanders, baskets or anything else with handles.

If you’re hurting for space and you’re planning a kitchen remodel, these suggestions may be what you need to open up more room in your cluttered kitchen. Give them a try and you’ll be pleased with the result.

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