The Beauty of Built-Ins

September 15, 2017

At the turn of the last century, homebuilders would include built-in shelves, drawers, and cabinetry throughout the home. Our forebears were practical and knew the importance of making the most of their living space by providing convenient places to keep possessions without the need for a great deal of furniture. However, these design features are mainly found in older homes because they fell out of favor over time.

Many of today’s homeowners want to revisit the beauty and elegance of having a wall of cabinets with the kind of shelves, cubbyholes, and drawers we used to have in the old days. Here are some great ideas for beautiful built-in cabinets to help you do just that.


During the Edwardian era, placing a bank of cabinets in the hallway provided a convenient place to put linens, blankets and other items that were used in bedrooms and bathrooms. Today, this idea has found its way into master bedroom suites and baths to house wardrobe items and daily bath essentials.


Family Rooms, Living Rooms, and Libraries

Almost everyone loves a window seat. Having one tucked inside a family room or study that doubles as a library can provide a peaceful and cozy place to read and relax.

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Beneath the window seat is a great place to put drawers or cabinets for extra storage space. With bookcases on either side, it’s the perfect nook!

Dividing a Larger Space

If you have a large room such as a dining room that melds into the living room or kitchen with no real visible delineation, built-in cabinets can serve as a room divider. This solution doesn’t involve a lot of extra construction and still retains the open feeling of the larger space.

Hiding Electronics

 Today’s flat screen and projection TV’s paired with surround sound have allowed homeowners to create their very own theater in their living or family room.  Much of this equipment can be stored in cabinets that become a stationary entertainment center. This is the perfect place to keep these items both organized and out of sight when not in use.

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Stairway Storage Options

 The area beneath a stairway is almost always under-utilized. There are a number of ways to maximize the effectiveness of this bit of extra storage space, and built-ins are one of the best of these solutions. Instead of just making a big closet, why not create your own built-in bar or wine cellar?



The most common complaint among homeowners is not having enough closet space. A great solution to the problem is to build additional built-in wardrobe space along a wall. Recessed storage can also be built between studs for additional storage options.

For attic bedrooms, it’s a fairly easy proposition to install recessed drawers and cabinets with wall-to-knee storage built between wall studs within the attic space.


Mudrooms and Entryways

Whether coming in or going out, mudrooms and entryways are made much more effective through the use of built-in cabinets that provide storage space. By creating lockers or drawers on the walls, along with bench seating and other storage options, homeowners can keep down the clutter that naturally accumulates in this area.

In the garage, a wall of simple Shaker-style cabinets along with a bit of pegboard to hang often-used tools and materials can make do-it-yourself projects much more enjoyable.

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For homeowners who want something more contemporary with a sleek and modern design, today’s built-ins made just for garages feature drawers with organized dividers and locker-style cabinets with plenty of storage space inside. The back wall above the countertop workspace and set between upper and lower cabinets feature channels where accessory hooks are attached and can hold hand and power tools.


These are just some of the ways that built-in cabinets and shelves can add more space to your home while remaining out of the way. Speak with a cabinet specialist if you’d like to add these features to your home.




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