Cabinets 101

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  • Cabinet Finishes

    Want to know what gives your cabinets that certain look and protects your cabinets from damage and normal wear and tear? Learn about our different LifeDesign cabinet finishes. Learn More >

  • LifeDesign Cabinet Construction Types

    Cabinets can be constructed in many different ways and some are superior to others. Learn more about cabinet construction and how our designer quality cabinets compare, so you can make an informed decision before you buy cabinets online.Learn More >

  • RTA vs Assembled Cabinets

    Ready to assemble cabinets vs. assembled cabinets have some differences that can be both "pro" and "con" depending on what you’re looking for. Learn the differences before you buy. Learn More >

  • Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

    Having an organized kitchen and maximizing your cabinet space is essential when designing a kitchen that is user-friendly. Cabinet accessories are an excellent tool for making sure you get the most out of your kitchen. Learn about the many different options available here at LifeDesign and what works best in your own kitchen!Learn More >

  • Glossary of Cabinet Terminology

    Educate yourself on some key components and terms related to cabinetry!Learn More >

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