How to Choose the Perfect Cabinet Style and Color

April 14, 2017

Looking for the perfect cabinet style-color-contrast ratio for any part your home is a never ending struggle. You log onto your Pinterest and are slammed with so many great ideas that you find yourself pinning one, then another, then another and another – before you know it, you’ve got a mood board of about 500 pictures, all in contrasting styles and no idea which one would look good with what. You panic, you rewind, and then you repeat.
It is kind of a vicious cycle.

It’s pretty much the same with kitchen cabinets; rinse, repeat, regurgitate, until you’re so confused you can’t tell traditional from modern or wood from monochrome. It’s frustrating, and more than once, you find yourself wanting to be just done with it. Well, we’re here to tell you that now it is easy to choose the perfect style and color for your cabinets; all you have to do is be systematic about it. Create your own mood board – a rough idea of what you, yourself want out of the kitchen – before logging on for ideas. Let us see how.

1. Consider the size of your kitchen

The very first thing you ought to do before trying to lock down a color and style for your cabinets is to carefully observe the size of your kitchen. This is important for several reasons, the main one being that the size of your kitchen determines what kind of layout and style you should search for in detail. A bigger kitchen can be divided into two parts – the server’s kitchen and the master kitchen – while a compact one, which cannot be further divided into smaller parts has to be designed with both functionality and aesthetic in mind.

Furthermore, you cannot use a heavily ornamented cabinet theme in a small kitchen, while a modernized thematic execution can seem way too stark and austere within a bigger kitchen. Perusing the size of your kitchen will help you categorize what kind of overall impact the space can handle. After that, it is just a matter of deciding on a few basic components for the cabinet style itself and you can be done with it.

2. Select an Ambiance

The correct ambiance can define the very mood of your kitchen. After you’ve appraised the size of your kitchen space, you have to pin down the logistics of your lifestyle; whether an open kitchen come dining combo will work for your family, or do you prefer a separate formal dining are. Another thing to consider is whether you cook or entertain at the same time, or do you hire help for cooking and don’t want that to be visible. There are several solutions for each of these problems, all of which involve a very specific layout for the cabinetry, and the mood of the overall kitchen space.

3. Select the Style

Once you’ve selected on a mood for your kitchen to emulate, it gets really easy from there. Now all you have to do is select a particular style. We know that there are individual and hybrid styles of cabinet design the list of which is longer than anyone can possibly handle, so let’s look at a few ways to pin this down.

– Follow the trends

Trends are fleeting, but a good design can be for a lifetime. Online sources will show you latest trends in the cabinet design genre, but in the end, it is your own good judgment that will lead to the selection of a good design. You can scour the internet for various trends, and even get inspiration, but the end product should have a bit of your own modifications according to the mood and size of your own kitchen.

– Customize

Kitchen cabinetry comes with a standardized dimensioning, but once you know the basics, you can ask your designers to modify the cabinet dimensions to fit your own style and aesthetics. These customized cabinets can be a reflection of your own personality.

4. Select the Color and Material

Once you’ve selected a style, the hard part is almost over. Before we delve any deeper, you should know that despite having some mutually exclusive qualities, the color scheme and material palate are most definitely exclusive. Both can be combined in the end, but the selection needs to remain predominantly separate.

– Color scheme

The color scheme is exclusive because there are an infinite amount of color choices that cannot be matched by the material of choice. When you decide on a specific shade for your kitchen cabinets, you can either apply it through materials, or you can use paint. Suppose you choose the hottest shade of red on the color wheel because it matches the exuberance of your overall home interior, but now you can’t exactly find a laminate or any other material of that exact shade in the market. In that case, you go for paint.

– Material palate

Material palate can be extremely one dimensional, but not necessarily in a bad way. When it comes to kitchen cabinet design, the material choice is decidedly limited; you either go for laminates, veneers or authentic polished wood. In that way, it differs from the unlimited exploration of the paint and color scheme.

Most of the times though, you can find a fine calibration between the color scheme and materials of your choice, so this is nothing to fret about.


Choosing the perfect color and style for your kitchen cabinets has never been easier; just follow these easy steps and by the end you’ll have all the things down pat that were confusing you in the first place.

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