How to Choose the Best Cabinets for Your Bathroom

August 23, 2017

With the exception of the kitchen, bathrooms are the most used rooms in a home. So it’s important to design it right! Whether you are building a new house and considering choices for a new bathroom, remodeling your existing home, or reviving an old bathroom, here are some tips to consider in your new design that will help make your bathroom a place of comfort and beauty.

Cabinet Choices

When choosing new bathroom cabinets, consider who is going to be using the bathroom. Is it going to be a used by most of the people in the house, or is it a powder room that is mainly used only by guests? Is this bath for the master bedroom or will be mainly used by children?  How much counter space and storage space do you need? Asking these types of questions first will help you narrow down what cabinet sizes, configurations and cabinet finishes would be best.

When choosing a cabinet configuration, be sure to measure the height and opening in the back of the vanity area. This will ensure that the cabinetry you choose for your bathroom matches the space where you want to put it. Be sure to pay particular attention to where plumbing is roughed in so that it matches where your sink will be. Hiring a bathroom designer or a cabinet specialist can keep you from making costly mistakes.

Also, consider the type of materials that make up your cabinets. Cabinets made of pressed fiberboard or a composite are less expensive.  However, exposure to water can cause damage and warp to this type of cabinet, making them less durable in the long run. A wood cabinet can last much longer even in bathrooms that get a lot of use from the people living in the home.

Choosing the Right Countertop

After you choose the right vanity for your bathroom, next consider the kind of countertop will look best with it. The major considerations are the look you want, how you want it to perform, and cost. Again, consider where the bathroom is located in your home and how it will be used.

According to Consumer Reports, the top choice of bathroom countertops is laminate. Today there are more than 300- 400 different finishes and colors and laminate ranges in price from $10 – $40 per square foot. The disadvantage with laminate is that it lacks the depth and beauty found in a natural stone countertop.

Stone countertops such as limestone, quartz, granite, marble, and even more unusual stones such as bloodstone or even petrified wood are indeed beautiful with lots of texture and visual interest. However, the cost can be considerably higher for stone because an entire slab must be purchased and customized. The way around this higher cost may be to check out a stone yard and examine remnants that are available for a fraction of the cost.

Other choices of countertops include concrete or wood planking that comes from salvaged wood. Like stone, concrete is very durable. However, it can be extremely heavy and is poured and finished where it’s going to go. Wood countertops can be just as beautiful as those made of stone. If you do decide on wood for your countertop, make sure that it’s been adequately sealed and treated with coats of polyurethane or a high-gloss epoxy resin. The seal will protect it from water damage.

Finally, consider what kind of sink you will have. Do you plan to have one sink or two? Will the sink or sinks be a bowl-type that will sit on top of the counter or a traditional recessed type of basin? Knowing your sink configuration will help you know how much material you need to buy.

Faucets and Finishes

Your sink choices will play a big role in which faucets are compatible. If it has a single mount opening, you will want to choose a single mount faucet for it. Three openings allow for hot and cold handles with a spigot in the center.

There is a wide variety of styles and finishes that range from chrome to brass to bronze for faucets. Chrome or nickel-plated faucets tend to be popular for all bathroom types. Brass or gold-toned faucets can present a more formal look or be ideal for vintage-style homes and décor. Whichever finish you choose, it’s best to have the faucets and the fixtures throughout the bathroom match for a unified look.

By considering a few questions before you pull out the wallet, you can ensure that your bathroom remodel will match your aesthetic ideals and will run into few problems during installation. Again, if you need detailed help there are bathroom specialists that can help you avoid pitfalls.

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