Closet Organization Tips

December 13, 2016

Closets are some of the quickest areas to become cluttered and unmanageable. It may seem easy to just toss your mess in the closet and forget about it, but that will add up over time! In order to properly utilize your closet space, you need to make sure it’s functional and organized. Here are some tips to maximize space and keep your closet neat.

1. Make sure you are storing each clothing item correctly

closet-organization-tips-1To keep your clothes in the best shape, as you organize your closet make sure you are storing your clothing appropriately. This handy guide will help you determine the best storage method for each item in your closet.

2. Maximize space by going vertical



Find ways you can maximize each bit of space if you have a small closet. This great DIY hanger extension will give you loads of extra hanging space for your tops.

3. Use uniform containers

closet-organization-tips-3In this stylish bathroom closet, square containers are used to achieve a clean, neat look that is both functional and attractive.

4. Learn the “Konmari” method of folding

closet-organization-tips-4There’s a whole book on the topic of Konmari called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, but this simple folding trick will help you out quite a bit without having to read the whole book.

5. Label, label label

closet-organization-tips-5Bins are a great way to store items that can’t be hung, and adding pretty labels will be visually appealing and highly organized. Check out how this clever blogger has her closet organized and labeled.

6. Consolidate items like camisoles on a single loop hanger

closet-organization-tips-6A simple, cheap Walmart hanger can help you consolidate camisoles, scarves or belts onto a single, easily-accessible hanger, as this woman did.

7. Think outside the box

closet-organization-tips-7This unconventional but creative solution for baseball cap storage uses a curtain rod and shower curtain rods for neat and organized baseball caps!

8. Be sensible and only keep what you really need

closet-organization-tips-8It’s so easy to hold on to clothes that you never wear because you like them and still hope you’ll wear them some day. But this will only add clutter and chaos! Practice sensible “weeding” of your closet regularly to keep things clean and organized.

9. Color code

closet-organization-tips-9Color coding will make your closet look gorgeous, and make it easy to choose and coordinate outfits! Check out this blogger’s methodology here.

10. Wallpaper the inside of a shabby closet

closet-organization-tips-10This is cheaper than painting, and, if you have a bright, fresh color on the inside of your closet it can be easier to see the items inside! Check out where this blogger got this and many other organization tips.

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