Four Remodeling Trends According To The Top Kitchen Designers

June 7, 2017

Contemporary kitchen designs are all about following current remodeling trends. Some of these trends have become timeless classics. Let’s look at what these are and if you could spot them in your own kitchen layouts!

Accessible Kitchen Design

While dividing rooms by solid walls used to be a thing of the past, the current focus is openness. Homeowners want designs that are both approachable and casual. Breakfast bars, kitchen islands, and eat-in dining areas have become commonplace. The kitchen has become the hub of all household activity.

Contrasting Light And Dark Color Schemes

Color selection has moved toward contrasting bright colors against darker backgrounds. Lighter colors for your cabinetry and other finishes, while a darker color for your floors it would ramp up the style of your kitchen. Add in a contemporary or a neo-classical style theme, and it will offer a distinct quality to your overall interior space. Because of its simplicity and classic appeal, this color scheme is adaptable.

Quartz Countertops

Not only is quartz beautiful to look at, but it’s functional. Engineered Quartz countertops are known for their durable. Unlike natural stone, however; quartz requires no regular maintenance or upkeep. Engineered quartz countertops also boast anti-bacterial qualities, making for a healthier kitchen environment. Quartz countertops emulate a contemporary kitchen aesthetics in a fashionable and elegant way.

Smart Kitchen Features

Automation is one of the hottest remodeling trends on the market. With prices dropping, these features are within reach of most homeowners. Such features include sinks that have automated sensors that conserve water. Also, you can have Bluetooth activated cookery, whose settings could be altered from your smartphone and will dole out healthy proportions of food.

Remodeling Trends Conclusion

Now that you know what’s trending out there, you can go ahead and find out what you want or don’t want in order to get your dream kitchen.

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