How to Measure Your Space

It’s as easy as step by step!

LifeDesign has put together this easy-to-use measurement guide that will walk you through the steps of measuring your kitchen in preparation for your remodel. This guide will provide your LifeDesign kitchen designer with the necessary information needed to learn the ins and outs of your current space and determine the best way to bring your dream kitchen to life.

This guide will show you how to measure each step and also provide examples for you to base your own drawings from

Your drawing does not have to be a masterpiece!

It is important, though, to document accurate measurements as clearly as possible to ensure that we have gathered all of the information about your current kitchen. Using a ruler helps when drawing out your floor plan, and you can always start in pencil to erase and go over it in pen when you are finished to ensure it’s clear.

Measuring your space can be done with one person, but don’t hesitate to ask a friend to help with the measuring process to allow for the most accurate measurements.

We have included a legend to show the symbols for each of the notations so we can clearly see where everything is in the room at a quick glance.


Click for a PDF File to download your packet to send in to us using the LifeDesign Kitchen Design Services Form