Interior Design Trends for 2017

January 3, 2017

interior-design-trends-for-2017-1The turning of the calendar year brings with it the desire to turn over a new leaf and make resolutions. If one of your goals in the coming year is to update your home to increase the value and enhance your enjoyment of living spaces, it’s a good idea to pay attention to changing interior design trends. Here are just a few up-and-coming trends in interior decorating that should be on your radar for 2017.

Black and Glass
Forget about the recent trend of seamless glass for showers. The hottest new trend will leave you with a shower that looks more like a greenhouse or a British phone booth than a bathroom installation.

These enclosures of black steel and glass may be somewhat shocking at first – they look more like a cage than a traditional showering space – but they’ve been popping up in stylish interior designs of late, and the fad seems to be catching on. Best of all, the look can be used in other areas of the home, as well, so instead of delineating spaces with a solid wall, think about adding a steel and glass partition that separates living spaces but allows natural light to bleed through.


interior-design-trends-for-2017-3Designers are calling the recent trends in white kitchens, bathrooms, and other living spaces the “raw white” look, and it is an all-white approach to decorating. Forget about shades of ecru and eggshell – it’s white on white on white (chalk and bone are on this menu), and if you want to add visual interest, it will have to come from texture rather than color.

Lest you think this is taking the easy way out, consider how hard it is to match cabinets to counters, flooring, and paint without a hint of color differentiation. The raw white look ‘s hard to achieve, but when you get it right, your white kitchen will be a paragon of solid-shade design.

If you’re not super keen on the all-white aesthetic, you’re in luck. Another equally appealing trend for 2017 involves a mixture of white and wood. The look isn’t necessarily new for anyone interested in farm-style kitchens.

However, the modern style blends simple, chic, white cabinetry with polished, honey-colored wooden surfaces for counters and flooring, creating a warm, clean look that many homeowners are starting to embrace.

Modern Wood Cabinets
What makes wooden cabinets modern? It’s not necessarily the wood you select, but rather the form it takes in cabinetry.

Warmer tones of honey and tan are all the rage, but the retro, oak cabinets of your parents’ and grandparents’ generations are not invited to this party. Modern wood should be sleek and streamlined, with virtually seam-free surfaces and minimal embellishment (i.e. simple hardware and hidden joints).

Unusual Wall Surfaces

interior-design-trends-for-2017-4Tile and wood planks are no longer relegated to flooring alone – these days they are showing up on walls throughout the home. Particularly attractive are floor-to-ceiling tiles in the kitchen, where painted surfaces can be difficult to maintain, what with food splatter. Some homeowners are pairing entire walls of subway tile or brick with open shelving to display dishes.

However, this trend is also taking over bathrooms and even living rooms and bedrooms, with wall surfaces that eschew traditional paint or wallpaper for tile, brick, rustic wood planks, cork, or even backlit surfaces.

Designer Laundry Rooms

Close up of a front loader washer and dryer.
Cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms is a given, but 2017 looks to be the year that homeowners go all out with laundry rooms fit for a king. Transforming these notoriously utilitarian spaces requires upper and lower cabinets, a folding surface (countertop), built-in drying racks, ample lighting, and of course, a custom space for the washer and dryer. With proper design, your laundry room will look just as fantastic as the kitchen (and add home value, to boot).

Custom Closets
We all yearn for the fabulous closets we see in celebrity homes, but most of us can’t afford to blow that kind of dough on a space that only houses clothing or linens. That said, affordable custom closets are likely to be popular in 2017 as homeowners look for unique ways to continue improving home value and usage.

With custom cabinetry and drawers, homeowners can organize closets and save space in living areas that might otherwise be taken up by dressers, armoires, and shelving, just for example.

Cozy Nooks
Technology has become a significant part of our lives, and as a result, modern families spend a lot more time lounging. Some homeowners are opting to flesh out underused nooks and crannies such as entryways, offices, under-stair spaces, and lofts with shelving, cabinetry, and seating that allows each family member to choose a separate space in which to read an e-book, binge watch on a tablet, enjoy apps, or attend to homework.

Navy Blues

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Color trends in 2017 are punctuated by brighter hues in raspberry and lime. That said, not every homeowner can see his or her way clear to candy-coating the walls.

If you’re looking for something a bit staider, navy blue is replacing the tans and browns of old. The dark shade can be seen not only in the paint but also cabinetry, especially when paired with lighter tones for uppers.

Going Faux
The economy and the environment are two hot topics right now, and both reflected in home design trends. High-end homes may still do better with the real deal when it comes to stone and wood, but many homeowners are opting to skip the environmental impact and the price tag that come with marble, granite, and natural wood.

Engineered options like quartz and marble are being used for counter and flooring surfaces, while realistic-looking laminates are showing up not only on floors but also ceilings and even wall surfaces. All can help to provide the illusion of luxury without the attendant price tag or environmental impact

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