Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Cabinet Accessories

Would you like to have a kitchen that is well-organized, user-friendly and functional? If you said yes, you are one smart cookie!

Believe it or not many people make the mistake of thinking about kitchen organization and functionality as an after-thought. You can get so caught up in choosing color, finish, appliances, back-splash etc. that you completely forget to consider these very important options. Choosing kitchen cabinet accessories to incorporate into your kitchen design can have a lasting effect on how you use your space and making sure you get the most out of your kitchen. In other words, get your money’s worth!

Let us learn more about YOU to determine the BEST cabinet accessories for YOU.

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  • Pull-out Drawer

    A pull-out drawer is a drawer in base cabinet that pulls out for easy reaching and placement of items. This is a top favorite of all cabinet accessories.

    Pull Out Drawer

  • Spice Rack

    A spice rack is a built-in rack specifically designed to hold bottles containing spices or seasonings used for cooking. Spice racks that are built in as a cabinet accessory can be designed in almost any area of your kitchen. Two popular types of spice rack accessories are a base spice pull-out and a wall spice drawer. A Base Spice Pull-Out is a base spice rack that is built in-between cabinets that pulls out for easy access. A Wall Spice Drawer is a tiered tray that inserts into a drawer in the wall cabinet.

    Base Spice Rack Pull OUt

  • Wine Rack

    A wine rack that is built into a wall cabinet area. This is usually part of the initial custom design and is built specifically to hold wine bottles.

    Built in Wine Rack

  • Stem Wine Glass Holder

    A stem wine glass holder is a place to store stemware like wine glasses and is usually located underneath a cabinet.

    Built in Stem Rack

  • Plate Rack

    A plate rack is a built in area where plates may be stored in a way that they are displayed and easy to grab.

    Built in Plate Rack

  • Built-In Trash Can Cabinet

    A trash can that is built in-to the base cabinet design.

    Trash Pull Out