Kitchen Design Idea-Make Your Space Your Own

March 31, 2017

When it comes to kitchen design idea, there are a lot of options out there for ways to make your space your own and the looks that are trending. Here are some of the major kitchen design styles, and the characteristics of each, so you can find the look you want to make the most of your kitchen and expresses your style and personality.

Farmhouse Kitchen Design Idea:

● Wall-mounted shelves and door-less cabinets are classic elements of the farmhouse kitchen. Rather than doing a full-blown remodel of your existing cabinets, you can remove some cabinet doors for the look of open shelving, or replace upper cabinets with floating or bracketed shelves.
● Natural or painted wood floors are the obvious choices to give your kitchen a farmhouse feel, but they’re not your only option! Black-and-white tile and checkered linoleum also fit the style.
● Vintage elements and accents can be incorporated to complete the look. From salvaged sinks and fixtures to flea market-found wall art, you have limitless options beyond retail offerings.

Rustic Kitchen Design Idea:

● Break free from the black, white, and stainless cage of appliance finishes that distract from the warm, rustic look you want. If you don’t want to spring for models that come in different colors, make a quick trip to the home improvement store for some appliance paint!
● Choose elements and fixtures that look true to their age. Weathered and rough-hewn timber, flooring, even furniture and accent pieces give your kitchen authenticity without looking shabby.
● Don’t skimp on the wood! Tables, chairs, accent walls, countertops, cabinets, you name it! The rustic kitchen has no limit for uses for wood. Just be sure to break up the look with different stains, backsplashes, or different elements to keep it interesting.

Modern Kitchen Design Idea:

● Rather than use ornamental accents, stick with the raw beauty of natural elements. Gorgeous wood grain in cabinets or marble patterns on countertops are the showstoppers in the modern kitchen.
● Minimize or entirely avoid the presence of patterns and textures. Sleek, minimalistic elements like flat-panel doors and simple hardware are what truly separate the modern kitchen from all other styles.
● Don’t forget your accents when designing your modern kitchen. Choose bar stools, pendant lights, and all other pieces with clean lines and no ornamentation

Traditional Kitchen Design Idea:

● Incorporate architectural details where you can. Rather than looking busy or crowded, the right choice of legs, pilasters, toe-kicks, and other furniture-style elements give the traditional kitchen striking depth and appeal.
● Unlike the modern kitchen, you really want to get bold with choosing ornate pieces for lighting, backsplashes, and more. These exciting details make for a livelier, more inviting feel.

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