Using Metal Ion’s in Kitchen Design

March 21, 2017

You’d think that given the mostly functional configuration of the kitchen, it would be the easiest part of the home to design. Think again, friends. It is because of its pragmatic utilitarianism that it is difficult to design the interior of a kitchen. For the most part, a good interior design consists of small parts that make the whole – colors, materials, accessories – given that all of these aspects have something common to tie up the loose ends of the overall interior aesthetic. Well, the same cannot be said for the kitchen. It is because of its inherent amalgamation of function with aesthetic that the kitchen requires a specialty interior design. It does face a similar color-material-accessories dilemma in its design, but with a kitchen, we can always use mismatched design elements to create dynamic visuals!
Which brings us to incorporating avant-garde mix and match accents in the kitchen. If you’re freaking out because you cannot find the perfect accents to liven up the kitchen interior then fear no more – let us introduce you to the beauty of mismatched metal ion accents within your kitchen interior. They are old, bold, new, swanky and definitely the hottest trend in the design market!

1. Stainless Steel

While wood and stone are all well and good, there is something about stainless steel that could veer your kitchen interior towards a very contemporary look. Most of you will recognize the phrase ‘stainless steel appliances’ and relate this metal accent to all the gadgets that make up the functional parts of the kitchen. However, there are more ways than one to incorporate the clean, sophisticated vibe of stainless steel accents into the kitchen.

Bar or island seats, for example, are a nice but subtle way to incorporate the stainless steel metal ion within the kitchen interior without resorting to an all-out metal lamination. Another low-key application could be by using stainless steel accessories such as facets and lighting fixtures. The stainless steel metal ion provides an understated elegant vibe to the kitchen design without seeming too contrived.

2. Chrome

After stainless steel, chrome – better known as chromium plating – is the foremost trending metal ion in the design industry. You may have heard of the coveted ‘chrome plated kitchens’ right? Well, these metal infused kitchens consist of actual metal laminates that are derived by the process of chromium plating (in which thin layer of chromium is electroplated onto a thin metal sheet, which is used as a laminate in kitchen interiors). The mish-mash of this laminate with other, more contrasting design surfaces may make your kitchen interior a verified juxtaposition of styles, but it will never fail in providing great aesthetics.

The overall effect of chrome kitchens is stylish and exceptionally modern with a dash of unadorned contemporary. The smooth surfaces and sleek metallic visuals of this metal ion accent is simple but unique, and can definitely make your kitchen a front runner in the swanky visuals department.

3. Nickel

There is a very furbished and classic sort of beauty to nickel accents. They resemble stainless steel in aesthetic, but their impact is not as modern or snazzy. In fact, nickel ion accents are best used in interiors that use the neo-classical or traditional style to ramp up the ambiance.

4. Bronze

The word ‘burnished’ is what comes to mind when you first mention bronze. Although the mainstream effect of any bronze metal ion accent in kitchen interiors is antique, there are many other ways that it can used in modernized and more sophisticated aesthetics.

The best of bronze metal ion accent comes from using the utensils themselves as accessories. Though they are each an individualized part of the interior, they can be used as functional accessories as well. We’ve all seen the commercial kitchen utensil-hangabout right? Now imagine having one in your home; just ten times more artful in display, and with gold-bronze highlights that ramp up the kitchen aesthetic. It is certainly a beautiful way to go.

Bronze accents in kitchen can emulate a classical, as well as antique vibe – but if you want it to be subtle, yet complementary at the same time, then use it in small amounts throughout the space. The best way to do that is to use this accent in kitchen accessories such as faucets.

5. Gold

While not one of the most common metal ion accent, gold still manages to be in a class of its own. The visual aesthetic map of gold metal accents leads to a sporadic but very prominent visuals within any kitchen design. Gold plated metal ion accents can seem gaudy if used in access so you have to hold your hand while taking it on – either go for subtle accessorizing a la lights and faucets, or some classical arabesque like intonations with hues that balance out the glamor of gold.


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing kitchen interiors with matching metal accents. If you want to mix-and-match each metal accessory then that is all good. You can have stainless steel bar stools with oil rubbed bronze handles and bronze lighting fixtures along with chrome plated laminates if you want.

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