Nine Reasons Summer Is The Best Time To Remodel

June 16, 2017

Summertime – it’s the perfect time to take a vacation. Did you know that it is also the best time to remodel your kitchen? Here’s why.

No inclement weather is getting in the way.

While many people renovate in the fall and winter; summer weather makes it easy. There are no winter winds or heavy snowfall getting the way. Inclement weather can lengthen the timeline. Even the most ambitious contractor can fall behind schedule.

The best time for a grill-out

Construction is a heavy-handed process. You may find yourself kicked out of the kitchen while the remodel is in the process. Since you can’t use the kitchen and always eating out loses its allure fast, what should you do?

Well, of course, it’s grilling out! While the inside of your house becomes an inevitable disaster zone, you can turn to your backyard. If you plan your remodel in the summer, you’re able to host an everyday grilling party. Pull the refrigerator out, fire up the grill and get the party started.

Minimizing the foot-traffic dirt

Summer is a time when there are less muddy puddles around. With a winter remodel, you’ll be dealing with a perpetually muddy home caused by the increased foot traffic. In summer, you can set out a few welcome mats and reduce the dirt coming in your home. Easy and avoidable.

Summer Sales!

You will be purchasing new appliances for your kitchen, and they need to be decided pre-remodel. Summer is the best time to go shopping for some new appliances as companies have some of the best sales during this time. Plan appropriately and save yourself money.

The warehouse garage

Your garage will probably become the hub of all major construction during the remodel. If you start the remodel in winter, you’ll have to park your car elsewhere. By planning your remodel during summer, you can have your garage turned into a workshop without any worries for your vehicle.

Free from the lunch-box conundrum

Since most schools let out for summer vacations, you don’t have to worry about storing pesky lunchboxes. The outdoor grill would be a semi-kitchen enough for everyone.

Avoiding major celebrations

Scheduling the major work after that full-scale graduation party and schedule for a finishing in late August, will give you plenty of time to plan contingencies for the small bumps along the road. Sometimes, a remodel could be hit with a series of unexpected hiccups, and careful planning will leave you a lot of room for back-up’s before you finally unveil your dream kitchen.

Saving on the utilities

Starting you kitchen remodel in June would make sure that any and all exterior openings ripped during the tear-out have been sealed by the time any intense heat hits. It will also ensure that all rubble is carried out and the major materials have been delivered safely before the heat waves start coming in.


Now that you know all the benefits of planning a summer remodel, it’s time to get planning and looking for the best professionals in the market!

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