How To Pick Kitchen Appliances

March 28, 2017

Search for the right appliances and not lose your sanity in the process— check out our quick tips to take the headache out of the hunt.


First and foremost, determine your budget. Prioritizing quality or unique features is great, but expect luxury choices to come with luxury prices. Automatically ruling out appliances too far above or below your price range will save you some time and energy. Settle on a figure first; then you can set out to find the best shapes, sizes, styles and setups for your space. Next, you’ll want to determine the dimensions of the space your appliances will go. This way, you can avoid the heartbreak of finding that your dream fridge won’t fit in your kitchen. From there, you can start checking off your list!


The classic oven-cooktop combination is a perennial favorite for most kitchens for its style and functionality. Within your budget, available space and style preferences, you can choose between a standard slide-in freestanding range, a stainless steel commercial-style range, a vintage cast iron range and more.

Range hoods

The serious home chef needs a ventilation system that can keep up with their cooking. Range hood choices are as diverse as the cooks who use them in both functionality and fashion. From professional-grade models to rival the power of jet engines to whisper-quiet vents for more casual needs.


Choosing a separate oven and cooktop is a great, versatile alternative to the traditional range. The flexibility of this setup opens the aspiring chef to specialty choices such as efficient, quick-cooking convection ovens, double ovens, wall ovens, warming drawers and steam ovens. The sky’s the limit!


Complete your setup with an electric or gas cooktop. Induction cooktops are steadily gaining popularity for their fast performance and high BTU capacity. Whether you adore built-in wall ovens or just want to keep cooking and baking work areas separate, a separate cooktop will be key.


A large, luxurious fridge may be tempting, but consider your actual needs for food storage before picking a model with a hefty footprint. Thankfully, you have no shortage of choices in finding the perfect counter-depth, full-depth or built-in model.


The trusty microwave may not be your prized possession compared to other gourmet equipment, but it’s an essential piece you’ll likely use frequently–so don’t forget it in your plans! Whether you pick a built-in or countertop model, be sure it blends with the rest of the space, both in color and placement.

Universally Designed Appliances

Making your kitchen accessible and comfortable for people with a broad range of physical ability is a significant investment to consider–even if yours is a starter home. If the primary users of the space don’t have a need of unique accommodation in the kitchen, guests or future owners might.

Eco-friendly Appliances

Take note of each appliance’s size and energy output when narrowing down your selections. In the United States, energy usage data are readily available for all models on the market. If not for the sake of the environment, consider energy-efficient appliances for the sake of your utility bills!

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