RTA vs Assembled Cabinets

RTA (Ready to Assemble) Cabinets

RTA cabinets are cabinets that you can order unassembled. When you receive RTA cabinets from LifeDesign, each individual cabinet is packaged separately. Within each package you will receive a packing list, the cabinet parts and the hardware for the cabinet including all screws, cleats, etc.

Assembled Cabinets

An assembled cabinet is a cabinet that has been pre-assembled at the factory and does not require any time or labor in building the cabinet.

What you will want to consider…

You may hire an expert to assemble and install the cabinets. Keep in mind they may charge you a separate fee for assembling the cabinets, so you will want to be sure to inform them that the cabinets you want to install are not yet assembled, and get specific details on their fees.

If you are doing a DIY project and are planning on assembling the cabinets yourself, you will want to educate yourself on how to assemble them. LifeDesign has a number of demonstration videos available to you on how to assemble kitchen cabinets DIY. There are certain tools you will want to have like, shims and a clamp or two. See our glossary of cabinet terms for definitions of what those are.

LifeDesign RTA cabinets are the exact same cabinets as our assembled cabinets. The only difference is that they do not come assembled.