Selecting the right kitchen countertops

April 4, 2017

The best part about kitchen remodeling is getting to select a trifecta of complementary surfaces that go with your dream kitchen interior. I think we can all agree that kitchen countertops are a quintessential kitchen interior material without which the design would be essential incomplete. But there are so many options available in the contemporary market these days – there’s quartz, laminates, marble, granite, corian and so many more, each with sub-categories of their own. Finding the perfect countertop might as well be finding a needle in the haystack, right?

Well, not exactly. See, when it comes to selecting the right kitchen countertop, all you have to do is lock a certain aesthetic in your mind. If you want the quality equilibrium in ambiance that comes with modern contemporary, then go for black granite in matt finish, but if you want the rich, gold-come-rich welcoming vibe of the classic kitchen then bull-nosed granite countertops are the one for you. I’m going to go ahead and quote the cheesiest line in the world; nobody said it’d be easy, but no one ever said it would be this hard, either. This one is especially relative when it comes to selecting kitchen countertops. Renege your knowledge and open your eyes to all detail, for below, we, lifedesignhome,  will be looking at several quality materials for the best kitchen countertops within context of relevant aesthetics.

1. Granite kitchen countertops

In terms of kitchen countertop selection, it would be quite on point to say that granite is the Big Daddy of all materials. Not only does it lend an elegant, sophisticated look to any interior, but it also serves through several pragmatic qualities including heat come scratch resistance and easy maintenance. Granite countertops come in various colors which makes them the perfect candidate for variating styles. While most traditional granite countertops are rich and cover all manners of classical aesthetics, the smooth, matt finish of a honed granite countertop can just as easily emulate a modern look.

2. Laminate kitchen countertops

While a cost-effective way to mimic all the best kitchen countertop surfaces, laminates have the distinct disadvantage of being easily mutilated by heat. They are also not scratch resistant, but they are easy to maintain. Laminates on functional kitchen countertops could be counterproductive, but they can be used in dry kitchens, where the countertops are particularly for showcasing only.

3. Quartz kitchen countertops

Next to granite, quartz is one of the best quality materials to use on kitchen countertops. It has this really neat, sophisticated look which brings out the elegant side of any kitchen aesthetic. In addition to that, they are also heat, acid and scratch resistant. Engineered quartz countertops have non porous surfaces and do not need to be sealed. These countertops look best in a kitchen that has been designed according to a modish contemporary style – all sleek and modern with a dash of industrious.

4. Wood kitchen countertops

As with every other material, wood has a very specific material impression. Its organic façade makes it a major contender for a rustic or even minimal style kitchen design. Barring popular belief, wooden countertops are actually pretty heat resistant, and can certainly hold their own against scalding pot bottoms. Aside from that, wooden countertops also come in varying textures and shades, which can be chosen to suit the particular aesthetic you’re going for.

5. Marble kitchen countertops

Marble is a timeless classic. Available in many shades, textures and surfaces, it is one of the best materials choices for kitchen countertops. The subtle veined, grey-white texture of the Calacatta marble is especially endearing, particularly in the contemporary design market. Its easy charm and simple, basic aesthetic strives to imbue effortless elegance and sophistication within any interior it is applied in. in addition to that, it is dominantly heat, scratch and stain resistant, adding pragmatism to the list of all its pros.

6. Stainless Steel kitchen countertops

Industrious and utilitarian, stainless steel kitchen countertops are specifically used in commercial kitchens, where each step in the culinary prep is a big deal. Stainless steel countertops have the unique ability to inhibit bacterial buildup, which makes them especially ideal for a functional kitchen. However, their relevant aesthetic is also very important and exceptionally new-fangled and contemporary. The sleek, swanky surfaces promote a unique juxtaposition of excellent style and functionality.

7. Corian kitchen countertops

One of the best products to use as kitchen countertops, corian has becoming the metaphorical sweetheart of the design world. Its spotty surface provides a soft, playful aesthetic that would go well with any contemporary style interior. Corian is heat and scratch resistant, and offers a decidedly individualized aesthetic within any kitchen interior.

8. Soapstone kitchen countertops

If soft, glossy contours are your kind of thing, then soapstone is the way to go. Soapstone countertops come in dark colors that range the gamut of black to several shades of grey. Their moody countenance calls for a dark, contemporary aesthetic. Soapstone is extremely non-porous and does not require yearly sealing to maintain that glossy surface sheen.

9. Tile kitchen countertops

Tiles are a very old-school substitute for all other modern countertop contenders. They provide a dated, retro vibe to the entire setting. The actual layout of tiling on the countertop is especially important; small tiles can call for insistent grouting, which may end up being a decided hazard for the functionality of the kitchen countertop.


As you can see there a various choices for countertops available in the market, but each one relates to a very certain design style. So always have a certain image in mind when you go shopping for that perfect countertop.

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