Simple Ways to Declutter and Get Organized

March 8, 2017

Organizing your home is great, but it is not always easy. Every homeowner can ensure their homes stay tidy by applying the tips below:

Understand your home’s activity zones. Be aware of the various spots in your house that you know are your active and passive zones.

Active zones are frequently visited, passed or worked from areas such as entry ways, the kitchen, bathrooms, and opening and closing of drawers and cabinets. Passive zones are regions less commonly visited or worked. Such areas may include the washrooms, store rooms, and not-easy-to-reach shelves. Active zones should always be organized in a neat manner to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Avoid putting decorative items that may collect many things in your entryways such as your front door, your bedroom or kitchen. It will help you avoid disturbance and accidents.

Group items by priority and task.  This concept should apply to everything we do. Always consider prioritizing items or tools that you might need to complete a planned task at the same place and in an orderly manner.

Planning to do your yard maintenance, put your lawn mower, edger, and hedge trimmers together.  Tools like hoes and rakes should be easily available and be ready for quick grabbing. Grouping small items together work well with proper arranging.

Shelf-raisers can be used to increase cabinet capacities. If you have smaller items such as nails and screws, consider using appropriate drawers made for this need. Using the right materials for each task is essential as the wrong choice of equipment for a particular job might be limiting.

Going vertical saves you time and hassle with items such as brooms and mops. When you use the ‘vertical’ technique, ensure your items will be held firmly in place with hooks.

Use suitable materials for storage of photos and clothes or accessories. Proper materials tailored for a specific purpose should be used to avoid spoilage.

Be aware of weight sensitivities. Bulky items such as boxes that weigh too much should always be stored below the waist to prevent injuries.  This will also make it easier when you need something from that box to execute a task.

For security purposes, when lifting, be sure to use proper ergonomics to make it easier to transport or put away.

When you are organizing your things, ensure that items that need to be moved time to time are in a logical spot (like at the entrance). You can use hooks, baskets, bins or hangers to guarantee neatness.  Doing this will also allow you to put away frequently used items where they can be easily accessed.

Every home owner would love to see their items beautifully stored. You can employ both closed and open storage technique to organize your things. You can decide to use open or closed shelves or subdivide in full open drawers. Consider floating shelves; your choice of open shelving should allow you to display your items in a manner that is appealing.

With these simple organizing tips, you can be sure your home will stay clutter free!

How do you keep your home organized?  We would like to hear from you!  Comment below…

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