How to survive a kitchen remodel

April 21, 2017

Deciding to take on an entire kitchen remodel on your own can be an improbably daunting task; especially if you’re a rookie. There are a number of centrifugal aspects around which the execution of the remodel takes place. These include the very basics of kitchen design; the layout, the lighting, the finishes and more. If you miss even one, then the entire thing could go awry. So what to do?
Well, the first thing you should do before starting anything is to consult a professional. They would take your ideas and your vision into account and guide you to sources which would suit your budget. They’ll also help you plan a suitable layout for your kitchen design and recommend a complementary aesthetic. A kitchen professional has quite the invaluable advice to share if you’re willing to invest in it. Not only can it make your life easier, but it will make your remodel go smoothly and without a hitch.
The problem here is, that there are quite a few professionals in the field these days, and you can’t quite know whom to trust. In this case, go for the trusty word-by-mouth formula. Anyone who has already survived the remodel would definitely be able to recommend a good professional; be it a designer or a contractor – but that’s only one of the major cop-ups. Below, let’s look at a few other major aspects that will ultimately help you to survive that kitchen remodel.

1. Hire an experienced contractor

A contractor that has already taken on a number of successful kitchen remodels will definitely be able to make your own go smoothly. A few things to look at before the hiring process include; noting the timeline of the firms establishment. Let someone else take them on if it is six months old or less. Another thing to do is look for references; contacting the previous clients personally can save you a lot of grief later. You have to interview more than one contractor in order to find The One. You should also definitely ask for proof of insurance; a good contractor should carry a personal liability, property damage coverage as well as workers compensation. You should also contact the local building department and see if the contractor’s license is current or not.

2. Appraise the existing kitchen

One of the most important things to consider before diving headfirst into a remodel is to appraise the existing conditions of your kitchen. More often than not, structural in-built’s like the cabinets and islands are in good enough condition to not be torn down completely. If that is the case then you could just ask your contractor and designer to collaborate new designs on the existing structure and just change the finishes and faced. This will definitely cut down a huge chunk from your proposed budget and give you more monetary lee-way to invest in essentials.

3. Lock your budget

Knowing your budget and allocating it wisely is an important part of surviving tat kitchen remodel. Just imagine what would happen if you unknowingly invest in a touch-screen cooktop and stainless steel backsplash while the rest of your remodel still needs to be done? It would be an imminent disaster. So before you go and splurge on unnecessary things, sit down with your contractor and ask for a written budget or estimate. This will give you an overview of what to expect when the actual remodel begins. This will also stop you from overriding your already allocated budget for unnecessary items.

4. Focus on the kitchen remodel layout

Surviving the kitchen remodel is not the end goal here. You have to emerge victorious on the other side. This means revising and re-revising all the initial blueprint proposals until you’re completely satisfied with the end outcome. This means no compromising on the design – be it the layout or the aesthetic. This is your remodel and you’ve got to take the reins; be reasonable about any drastic changes but do not settle on what you don’t feel great about – or you will have to live with it until you decide to undertake the next remodel; which can be a long while.

5. Know the cost of your finishes

The finishes determine the overall façade and style of your kitchen. There are so many of these finishes with a number of categories and sub-categories that you might end up investing in the wrong ones. These include the kitchen flooring, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. You have to know how to shop for these materials and products; how they would fit the goals of your kitchen remodel and get a realistic estimate of their cost in order to survive the remodel successfully.


Kitchen remodeling could be a tedious task if you do not take the right measures. We hope that this article helps you understand the crux of your remodeling worries and how to get past them in an understandable way. If you still need help, we, LifeDesign Home, are always by your side to help you out. Contact us at or click here to talk to our kitchen remodel expert now!

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