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New Kitchen Cabinet Color Trend – 2018 Summer

BLURB: As Memorial Day arrives, we think about summer and the impending arrival of guests. Then you may find your thoughts turning to kitchen refitting. Well, keep reading because we are going to let you know about some exciting new kitchen cabinet color trend sweeping the kitchen design world.

New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-5-LifeDesign HomeAs we all look forward to Memorial Day, we know summer’s just around the corner. Perhaps you will have visitors or you have plans to go visiting. Memorial Day is a time for reflection and for remembering all the people who have died for our country. There is a sadness to the time of year.

Yet, it is also the time to remind ourselves that all those brave people did not die for nothing. As you know, many people take advantage of the holiday to take a trip across the country and enjoy the warmer weather. This may mean some entertaining will take place in your kitchen real soon. If you have suddenly noticed your cabinets are looking a bit tired or if you simply think it is time for a new look – then, now is a great time to consider a refurbish. There are some exciting new color trends developing in the kitchen world. So, why not think about introducing some color which is such a great way to give a quick new look to your kitchen.

If Not In Summer, Then When?

New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-6-LifeDesign HomeSummer brings lovely long evenings, and no doubt you will soon have guests coming to visit. If you love entertaining then I am sure your kitchen is your pride and joy. This year some interesting and fun color trends are emerging in the kitchen design scene, so why not consider updating your special space.

After all, when your kitchen inspires, and you enjoy spending time in the room, your cooking creativity will soar too. Plus, you will never lack for company when you are prepping food because everyone will want to spend time in your kitchen too! Keep reading to learn about the hot new color trends sweeping kitchen design world.

Delightful Kitchen Cabinet Color Trend

Surprisingly, the hot new colors kitchen designers can’t get enough of this year are navy blue and purple. If we take a little time to reflect, we’d be able to appreciate why these colors are trending at this moment in time. Do you remember color theory? You may have learned about it in school. Basically, we consider some colors “warm” and some “cool”. Artists often use color to express feelings, and everyone will agree that the color of a room can affect how we feel.New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-7-LifeDesign Home

The Color Wheel In’s and Out’s

Quite often, we notice we feel snug and warm in a room decorated with warm colors. In a room decorated with cool colors, we feel cool and calm. On the color wheel, blue, green and purple are considered cool colors, while red, yellow and orange are thought to be warm colors.

You might, then, realize that with the hot summer approaching, there is a reason behind the sudden interest in the cool colors, navy blue and purple. Of course, we can’t put a trend down to just one thing, but sometimes logic does play a part. In summer, it’s only logical that we long for cooler colors.

Navy Blue – A Rich Color

New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-8-LifeDesign HomeYou could say navy blue is often viewed unfairly. Many creatives will argue navy blue is a color which doesn’t make the cut of black and is too dull to provide any interest. However, there is more to the color than meets the eye and with some clever use in the kitchen, you can quickly add some wow factor to your favorite room. And, if it wasn’t your favorite room before, it might well take first place after you’re done revamping.

Navy blue has some powerful strengths in its color corner. With some clever and careful use, you can add interest and dimension to your kitchen using navy blue. You can combine the color in a two-tone kitchen with a wide variety of complementary colors. White and blue go particularly well. The deep navy blue acts as a stabilizer to the white, providing a contrast. But, bear in mind that it does so without making it the kind of contrast that jolts the eye.

New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-1-LifeDesign HomeYou can achieve a particularly strong combination using a farmhouse style kitchen. Feature navy blue cabinets or an island with white walls and upper cabinets. Then, use a generous helping of wood as a blender. The result is an exciting, new and modern take on a classic kitchen.

In a one-tone kitchen you can use light shades of blue in the main body of the kitchen, then ground the look with rich navy blue kitchen cabinets. And, if you were thinking there is only one kind of navy blue, then you would be wrong. You can find the color in a variety of shades and some are surprisingly rich and bright. When choosing the perfect shade, bear in mind the color scheme of the kitchen and work to make a decision from there.

Sure, navy blue is a surprising new trend in the kitchen cabinet world. However, it brings results that promise to be exciting and fresh.

Purple – Creativity And Passion

New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-2-LifeDesign HomeAmong all the cool colors, purple is the one that tries to get away with being a warm color! Add too much red to the mix and you could come up with a warm shade of purple. This is the essence of purple itself. A cool creative cucumber, with passion smoldering beneath the surface. This year, we’re seeing purple sneaking into more and more magazines and onto designers palettes. And, learning something about the potential of the color is definitely worthwhile.

Purple is a pushy color and for this reason, you need to proceed with caution in your much-loved kitchen. Think about adding splashes of color, an accent wall or if you use the color on your kitchen cabinets chooses a muted eggplant or a gentle pastel shade. In this way, you can introduce some creativity to the room without overwhelming the eyes.

New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-9-LifeDesign HomeWhen combining purple with a color set, consider white and grey as good color partners. Black does work, but this gives a very dramatic and highly contrasted look which may be too busy for most people. Using white or grey, you can achieve a softer look to the room.

Using a light shade of purple introduces a fresh and dynamic look to the room, while darker shades of purple act like anchors in the room – creating a focal point or balancing metals and lighter colors used elsewhere in the kitchen.

Neo Colors – Here To Stay

There’s no denying that black, white and gray are colors that are here to stay. Kitchen designers will always find room for the three neo colors and if you use them in your kitchen you have made a fail-safe, timeless choice.

White Cabinet

New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-3-LifeDesign HomeA classic color for kitchens. After all, the color brings light and freshness to a room, and where do you need those things most? In the kitchen, of course!

You can go for an all-white kitchen, or use white in a two-tone design with any other color on the spectrum. There really isn’t a color that doesn’t go well with white. This makes the color easy to use and be successful. In the world of color, white likes to let other colors take the limelight. In fact, when you put bright colors with white, you can almost see white improving upon them. This is because white lets the bright color shine and at the same time reduce its brashness. Then, the bright color sparkles, without overloading the eyes.

Gray Cabinet

New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-10-LifeDesign HomeGray was never the most popular of the three neo colors. However, over time, gray has grown and begun to take some of the spotlight. In recent years, particularly, designers have embraced the color and begun to experiment with using it in the kitchen. You can’t just plaster gray everywhere with no care, of course.

But, with a little prior consideration, you can use the color to accent and balance bright colors. Or, as a useful blending tool for a white and black kitchen. It’s ideal to use gray with small amounts of bright colors. Placing the bright colors carefully in the room as accents, and using gray as a background to balance the brightness is a great idea.

Black Cabinet

New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-11-LifeDesign HomeOne of the most versatile among neo colors is black. This is a perfect color to combine with bright colors for a dramatic effect. You can use black in modest amounts as a partner to large areas of bold colors. Or if you want to use a lot of black then combine it with modest touches of bright colors and the two will really set each other off.

Black And White And Gray

New-Kitchen-Cabinet-Color-Trends-4-LifeDesign HomeIn classic kitchen design books, we would never see a lot of just black and white, because the contrast was too strong and it causes a kind of clash for the eyes. There were rules about using the two together. One golden rule was to avoid black appliances with white cabinets.

This year, however, designers are starting to push boundaries with respect to combining black and white. Some black appliances, with white cabinets have begun showing up. Furthermore, we can see the use of gray as a stepping stone between the two.

But, for the moment, we will need to continue to watch this trend. The jury is still out on this one.