Customer Testimonials

"I tried the big box stores, but it was a waste of time. I thought they’d be affordable, but the prices seemed too high, and I could never find someone to help me. I found Life Design Home online and was surprised to find the prices were much better. The customer service was the best part, though; they were so easy to get ahold of, and there was an actual kitchen designer who took our measurements and figured out every detail for us. I totally loved the software that helped us see what the kitchen would look like. So much easier than spending the weekend in a crowded store and spending too much money. "
Jo Mahan - Dallas, GA
"We wanted to replace our cabinets but were overwhelmed with the technical aspect of it. Not only was the kitchen designer super helpful and easy to access, but she also answered all our questions about the technical and assembly aspects of our cabinets. Everyone we worked with was so detail-oriented, patient, and helpful, it made the whole process a breeze, and I tell everyone to check out Life Design Home. "
Casey Lobdell - Charleston, SC
"Budget is my top concern as an interior designer. I’ve worked with a lot of different dealers, but I love Life Design Home. Their website and selections are very easy to navigate and have made my projects go very smoothly. They help my business appear professional and appealing to clients, and I’ve always received excellent feedback when I’ve used Life Design Home. "
Juan Sotomayor - Austin, TX
"I love the kitchen I’ve purchased from your company. I’m very pleased with the cabinets, but even MORE satisfied with the fantastic customer service. I had to seek help repeatedly because of the contractor I hired (who I was not so pleased with). He made several planning errors that resulted in a lot of trouble on my end, but your customer service reps were friendly, receptive to my needs, always quick to respond to me and went above and beyond to resolve my issues in the most price-effective way. I washave blown away! I will be recommending Life Design Home to friends and family. Thanks so much! "
Christine Scherger - Monroe, WA
"My wife and I spent a lot of time shopping around for options on how to remodel our outdated kitchen. Then, I found your website, and we were pleased with the design and prices for the cabinets you had. After planning our layout, I ordered some samples and was impressed with them. I reached out to the design team, and they helped me flesh out the rest of the design plan and even began an order for me. I loved the renderings of the new layout; it was awesome to see in 3D how everything would look. It was very helpful to have the help creating the order, and I was assured that I had everything I needed. "
Nelson Honeycutt - Chicago, Illinois
"The competitive prices and quality of the cabinetry was really what attracted me to Life Design Home. My wife and I were able to find a style that we both liked, which we’d had a hard time with from other dealers. The delivery time and customer service were both surprisingly fast, and that assured me that any issues we might have would be addressed quickly too. The designer we worked with was responsive, very friendly, and also gave constructive advice which I appreciated. Very pleased with our cabinets. "
Vikki Tyson - Arlington, Virginia
"Our designer was so great! I loved working with her. She was so quick to answer all my questions and just put my mind at ease throughout the whole process. She was involved with the design and even noticed some errors with my plan that three other companies hadn’t! She apparently knew kitchens inside and out, and thanks to her help I have a kitchen that I love!"
Jonnie Frix - Plano, Texas
I can’t believe how quickly my cabinet order arrived, and in such good shape. Although I really shouldn’t be surprised considering how easy and quickly the whole process went. I appreciate all your hard work and committed customer service. I think my friends are sick of hearing about how much I loved working with your company. Thank you so much!
Val Brugnoli - North Hempstead, New York
"A girlfriend of mine recommended your site to me since she’d just finished redoing her kitchen. It sounded cool, so I checked it out. The designers are excellent and put the effort in to make sure you’re happy. I must have gone back and forth with our designer over three or four months, and she was super flexible with me wanting to change the design and help me keep track of the technical details and measurements. This is a seriously awesome company. "
Archie Keys – Huntington, New York
"I had to remodel a property I manage that had been occupied without any work for well over 15 years. Everything had to be gutted. I was so happy with Life Design Home; our designer was so helpful with the new design and the changes I needed to make. It was a great experience. I had previously been nervous about ordering online, but Life Design Home was more responsive and helpful than a brick and mortar store. The new kitchen is fantastic; I wish I were the new tenant!"
Caryn Blandford - Chandler, Arizona
"Working with Life Design Home was fantastic. As a professional designer, I’m pleased with the website. My whole kitchen and bath were estimated and designed with 3D color 20/20 in less than 24 hours, down to every detail. Not only that, but the cabinets arrived within a week. Such a great experience."
Kristen Olmsted - Cleveland, Ohio
"These cabinets look beautiful, and much better quality than big box stores and even custom shops. A comparable job would have cost three times as much. I’ve been recommending Life Design Home to friends and other contractors since I was so pleased with the quality and price. "
Lonny Lindbloom - Seattle, Washington
"I’ve done a ton of remodels, and I wish I’d known about Life Design Home sooner. The cabinet quality is top-notch and priced fantastically. The big box stores just cannot compete. I’ve shown the site to a lot of associates, and they’re all equally impressed. You can just shop at home, and they deliver them right to your door, it’s awesome!"
Marcus Droz - Long Beach, California
"I’ve been shopping around a lot of different places, and Life Design Home was more helpful and friendly than any other dealer. I don’t like to spend my money at businesses that don’t bother with customer service and are impatient and condescending. Your company was patient and helpful and did a fantastic job. So pleased to spend my money here. "
Stephine Cheng - Detroit, Michigan
"I wanted to share what an outstanding job my designer has been throughout my whole experience with your company. She has gone back and forth with me nearly a dozen times, and she’s always responsive, polite, and finds a way to go the extra mile. It is so rare to find someone that helpful, that level of commitment to customer service is hard to find in this day and age."
Glenn Grayer - Cincinnati, Ohio
"I used to be a kitchen designer, so when our kitchen was flooded, and we needed to remodel, I was fussy about how to go about it. I was so excited to find Life Design Home and was very pleased with the selection and easy design process. It had been years since I was in the industry but the designers were accommodating and helpful. The service and quality of the cabinets were exceptional, and I will be recommending them to others. "
Roberto Berrier - Orlando, Florida
"My wife and I are so happy with our new kitchen, and we just wanted to reach out and say thank you. We still can’t believe how painless the whole process was. The cabinets were delivered on time, and the whole ordering process was professionally executed. We love showing off our new kitchen to friends and neighbors! "
Sandra McGeehan - Chesapeake, Virginia
"I just wanted to say thanks for the assistance with my order. I’m so excited to receive my cabinets. I looked at many different cabinet stores in my area and online, and I chose you because of the confidence you instilled in me as I communicated with the designers. It all went so smoothly, and I’m so happy with how I was able to stay well within my budget and get much nicer cabinets than I expected to. Thanks again!"
Jonna Horner – Nashville, Tennessee
"We enjoyed working with our designer, from start to finish. She was professional and courteous and helped us with every detail with no trouble at all. I experienced an issue with delivery, and she got everything fixed and figured out so quickly. I was a first-time customer and was a little nervous at first. If I need cabinets again, I’ll be going with you guys. Thanks for all the help and your high-quality product. "
Clelia Riley - Boise, Idaho
"I’ve completed a few orders with you guys, and they’re all completed in such a timely and professional manner. I admire the work ethic of everyone I have worked with and the personal effort they put into the customer service. We are so grateful to have this level of help and support for our home remodel; I can’t imagine it going any smoother. Thank you so much!!"
Gregg Dealt - Macon, Georgia