Turn Your Dream Kitchen into a Reality

September 6, 2017

Every homeowner has an idea in their head about the kind of kitchen that they think would be their ideal. But turning that idea into reality isn’t always easy. After months or even years of clipping out pictures from magazines, adding photos to boards on Pinterest, or gathering up samples and swatches and crunching the numbers, maybe you feel ready to take the first steps to turn your dream into a reality. Here are some things to consider before you pull the trigger.



Planning your dream kitchen takes an incredible amount of pre-planning, especially with all of the different materials, cabinet styles and designs that are available. While there are kitchen layout tools available on the web, it’s still a good idea to work with a kitchen designer or project manager to help translate how it will all fit in your new or remodeled kitchen. They can also help you to determine the best layout to make the most of your kitchen space and help you to stay within your budget.  



Many parts of your kitchen configuration will likely be dictated by the layout of the room. Smaller spaces may require kitchen cabinets and appliances to be placed in a single bank of cabinets along one wall or with a galley kitchen. Larger spaces can have other cabinet configurations or add features such as a kitchen island. The more you can stick with the existing space, the less expensive your project will be. That being said, if you’ve got the money and can handle the mess go ahead and knock out that wall!


Appliance Sizes

When remodeling or creating a new kitchen space, having the sizes and specifications of your appliances is important. These measurements can help you determine the right size and if any additional roughing in of plumbing or electrical needs to be done. Having all of this information beforehand can help you avoid costly mistakes before cabinets are made or appliances are ordered.

Most Popular Kitchen Features


Here are some of the most popular features that homeowners add to their own dream kitchens:


Kitchen Island – By far, the most popular item listed in anyone’s dream kitchen is an island.  Often added to kitchen islands is additional cooking or grilling surfaces, prep sinks, in-cabinet wine cellars, ice makers and refrigerators. An island can not only be used as a preparation, cooking or eating area, but it can also serve as a room divider to other areas of the home, such as the space between a dining room and the kitchen.


Double Ovens – For homeowners who love to cook, having more than one oven in the kitchen can be a dream come true. Double ovens are high on the list of desirable kitchen features, especially when placed within a dedicated appliance wall. Being able to use an oven for more than one dish at a time that requires different temperatures or having one serve as a warming area can make cooking much more efficient for special events.

Commercial Style Ranges – Again, for those who love the idea of preparing food at home instead of going out to dinner, having a range that features more burners than a standard range is an ideal. You can cook just like the pros with one of these. However, they do require additional budgeting and often special exhaust hoods.

Pot Filler – This handy spigot was fairly common in larger homes in days gone by. It’s now seen a resurgence in popularity for new kitchens and remodels. The pot filler is a cold water spigot mounted on the kitchen backsplash high enough to provide easy filling of larger pots used to make soup or boil pasta.


Beverage Station – (http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/content/dam/images/hgrm/fullset/2011/6/23/43/nkba_2010_trends_02_BeverageStations.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.725.suffix/1405510296332.jpeg – Photo Credit Peter Rymwid) – If you have the space, consider adding a beverage station to your dream kitchen. This area can be the ideal place to put coffee, cappuccino, latte or espresso machine, as well as a small refrigerator to chill soft drinks or bottles of wine. A kitchen beverage station can house all of the necessary cups, stemware, silverware, linens or any other items for preparing drinks without the need to necessarily enter the formal kitchen space.


Large Pantries – Extra-large pantries or even butler’s pantries are near the top of the list of desirable features in a new kitchen. Floor to ceiling storage for canned goods, foods such as rice, flower and the like can be stored in convenient bins or jars that are clearly labeled and easily accessible. A spacious and well-organized pantry can let you know at a glance what you have on hand or when commonly used staples need to be restocked.


Built-in Appliances – Many appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, trash compactors and the like can be made to look as if they are a part of the cabinetry of the kitchen. Another option is to add special ventilation grates or doors to ease access for cleaning or if repairs are needed. Appliances built into the cabinetry can give the appearance of a larger customized space.


Appliances in a Drawer – Another popular option for smaller places are putting appliances into drawers. Cabinet microwaves offer easy access for cooks and can help transition from cooking space to preparation space before serving. Dishwashers are now being manufactured have one or two drawers units. These are the same width of a standard dishwasher of approximately 24”, but each drawer is approximately 17” high instead of the standard 33” height.

Pot and Utensil Racks – Pot racks are generally hung suspended from the ceiling over a kitchen island where they are easily accessed and put away. A pot rack can also be mounted along a wall or a backsplash for easy access. Similarly, kitchen utensil racks can also be mounted along the wall or in an area where they are readily seen and accessed.


Rollout Drawers –This feature is especially popular in most kitchen cabinet configurations. Drawers that roll out to give access to items stored at the rear of kitchen cabinets add ease and efficiency to the kitchen.


Deep Drawers – Today’s kitchen cabinets are also featuring deep drawers that are designed to store pots and pans or taller items where they are most used. It makes good sense to place a deep drawer next to the stove or in an island where items can be stowed out of sight when not in use.


Divided Drawers – The old adage of a place for everything is especially true in the kitchen. Kitchen drawers that feature internal drawer dividers allow you to sort kitchen utensils, silverware, and spices.


Deep Farm Sink – Another trend from the past that is making a comeback is that of the farm or apron front sink. These sinks are deeper than a standard kitchen sink and feature a single basin and an overhang in front. The added depth in the sink gives you plenty of dishwashing space. Farm sinks are available in a wide variety of materials as well as being able to sometimes find them in a salvage shop. If you are planning on having a farm sink in your new kitchen, your cabinet designer can help you to plan accordingly.


Taller Water Fixtures – Kitchen faucets today have moved toward taller profiles in order to add increased versatility to the kitchen. Taller faucets, spigots and sprayers come in a wide variety of configurations and finishes to match the plumbing you have as well as your personal taste. There are even faucet configurations that are motion activated.

What kind of features do you want to have in the kitchen of your dreams? Put together your wish list and talk to one of our cabinet designers today. They can go over all of the available options as well as help you to plan a way to turn your dreams into a reality.


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