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Exceptional Customer Service
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Jo Mahan - Dallas, GA

"I tried the big box stores, but it was a waste of time. I thought they’d be affordable, but the prices seemed too high, and I could never find someone to help me. I found Life Design Home online and was surprised to find the prices were much better. The customer service was the best part, though; they were so easy to get ahold of, and there was an actual kitchen designer who took our measurements and figured out every detail for us. I totally loved the software that helped us see what the kitchen would look like. So much easier than spending the weekend in a crowded store and spending too much money. "

Casey Lobdell - Charleston, SC

"We wanted to replace our cabinets but were overwhelmed with the technical aspect of it. Not only was the kitchen designer super helpful and easy to access, but she also answered all our questions about the technical and assembly aspects of our cabinets. Everyone we worked with was so detail-oriented, patient, and helpful, it made the whole process a breeze, and I tell everyone to check out Life Design Home. "

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